Red Sox ALCS roster

Today marks the beginning of the NLCS. Philles vs. Dodgers, 8:22 tonight, it’s gonna be great. 

Terry Francona has released is ALCS 25 man roster (if I’m correct) and the only thing that I know for certain is that as of now, Mike Timlin is not on the roster. We’ll ***** that later. Let’s look at our starting pitchers for Games 1-4 first.
Game 1: Daisuke Matsuzaka. Hopefully he won’t give us a heart attack by getting two men on every inning and then miraculously getting out of a jam. He did pitch well in Game 2 of the ALDS though. 
Game 2: Josh Beckett. Will he be able to turn it around? After five laborious innings (of hell) in Game 3 of the ALDS due to his injury, will he be able to overcome that and give us one of his true, quality, post-season Beckett starts?
Game 3: Jon Lester. This guy has a 0.00 ERA as of right now. That’s kind of amazing. And to think, against the Angels? The best team in major league baseball? Wow. I’ve got no worries my friend
Game 4: Tim Wakefield. He has been inconsistent this year, but then again, he hasn’t gotten much run support either. Against Tampa Bay this season? I’m guessing not so well. But I have faith in him for this post season, I really do, and I think Red Sox nation has faith in our veteran. Will he be able to pull it together for the post season against Tampa? 
Let’s look at the bullpen (as far as I know)
-Paul Byrd: I think that it was a great decision to put Byrd in the bullpen. He has been pretty decent has a starter for the Red Sox this season since the acquisition and we definitely need more help in our bullpen. We can’t rely on Masterson every time. He’s collected pretty decent run support and I am confident that he can hold a lead, or maybe even a tie (maybe)
-Javier Lopez: I like this guy, although somewhat inconsistent I have plenty of confidence in him
-Manny Delcarmen: I like him, he’s been relatively consistent and did well in the ALDS.
-Justin Masterson: Besides Game 4, this guy was on fire during the ALDS. He’s a rookie and he was basically the 8th inning set up man for Pap. He was overworked in the ALDS but I am confident that he is going to be a huge factor for us in the ALCS.
-Hideki Okajima: Didn’t do his job in Game 4, inconsistent throughout the year, definitely not as lights out as last year. But remember how he was in the postseason last year? I think that he might be able to channel that energy and get it done in this ever so important series.
-Jonathan Papelbon: Have you seen this guy’s face when he’s staring down batters? Talk about intimidating! Have you seen him blow his 97 mph fastball right by some of the greatest players in the game? Do you know how intense this guy is? 
I could see Delcarmen–>Masterson–>Papelbon (with Delcarmen and Masterson switching) and switching that up. Hopefully our BP will be okay
-Jason Varitek: Our beloved captain who essentially saved the game by catching the man on third in that attempted suicide squeeze. He is our captain and he will lead us through this anticipated rollarcoaster of an ALCS
-Kevin Cash: Definitely not a huge offensive contributor, can’t throw a guy out at second, but this will be his first post season ever. If anyone should give him advice about first post season appearances, it’s definitely Jason Bay and Jed Lowrie (the two men who won the ALDS for us). 
-Ross: Who is this guy? He has hardly played with us and I really don’t see him playing much. 
-Kevin Youuuukilis
-Mark Kotsay
-Sean Casey
*I would really like to see some action with Sean Casey at first. Why not play Youkilis at third and Casey at first? 
-Dustin Pedroia: I think the ALCS is going to be his time to break out of his little post season slump. That is going to be short lived.
-Jed-i Lowrie: That is a great pun right there (as seen on Can’t ask for much more from this guy
-Alex Cora- Utility infielder and pinch runner. I’d prefer to use him as a pinch runner. 
*I’m not sure if Jeff Bailey is on the roster? But I like him, better than Kotsay for that matter.
-Jason Bay: What a start to the post season for this guy! And an adorable daughter too!
-Coco Crisp: Maybe he will see more playing time this ALCS. Hopefully he will have a better one than last year.
-Jacoby Ellsbury: Did you see this navajo in Game 1? 3-5 2 steals, an RBI and one of his catches? Can’t wait to see him in the ALCS.
-JD Drew: Remember that Game 6 grand slam last year that helped to propel us? Yeah, I can see him propelling us through this series. How about those same numbers as June? 
I’m missing two guys. Is it Jonathan Van Evry? Looks like a pretty intimidating roster. 
Go Sox! 

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