NLCS Game 1, ALCS preview

Judging from last night’s game [1 of the NLCS], this series is going to be pretty tight. Manny Ramriez started it in the first with an RBI double, thus retaining his status as Mr. Postseason. And after the Dodgers doubled their score to make it 2-0, Shane Victorino got on first on a throwing error by Furcal that would change the entire game. Chace Utley came up next and hit a two run homer only to be followed one batter later by Pat Burrell. Brad Lidge came to close it up for two innings as the Philles took Game 1 at Citizen’s Bank Park. October Gonzo predicted Dodgers in 5, but are they really going to win four in a row? Dereck Lowe couldn’t come through for the Cubs and the Hamels rode some glorious offensive support after a challenging first couple of innings. We can’t count the Dodgers out yet though, they’re one powerful, passionate team. 

The ALCS begins tonight down in Florida at Tropicana Field. If [Coco] Crisp is in the lineup, how will the blood between he and Shields be? What’s going to happen if Dice-K throws one inside to Navarro? Are the injury susceptible Red Sox going to be able to pull it together against the shocking Rays? To get away from these rhetorical questions now… hopefully we’re not going to see Dice-K put two men on every inning and give Red Sox nation a heart attack. Hopefully Dustin Pedroia will be able to pull it together, and snap that nasty slump of his. The only way to snap a slump is to hit a home run. Big Papi did it earlier this season with a grand slam against the Rangers. Now, I’m not calling a grand slam or anything of that sort, but I do have a good feeling about tonight. I’m not nervous, I’m not scared of the Rays. We just beat the best team in baseball, and if we can do that with all our injuries and without Manny Ramirez, Mike Lowell, and lacking the production of Dustin Pedroia, well… I think we’re going to be just fine. 

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