A toast to the Red Sox, thank you for a great season. Congrats Rays.

FIrst of all, to the Rays. To beat us in Game 7, well… good job. Matt Garza pitched one hell of a game, so a tip of the cap to him. Jon Lester did pretty well himself, and perhaps JD Drew could’ve given him some extra run support in the top of the eighth if that umpire had correctly called that pitch. Dustin Pedroia produced our only run, with a home run in the top of the first. I’m thankful that TBS successfully broadcasted this one. A couple of mistakes by Jon Lester, sure, but other than that, he was pretty solid. 

I want to thank the Red Sox for one hell of a season. I had an exciting April-October as always, and everyone contributed to that. I have something positive to say about everyone
-Josh Beckett: Thank you for pitching through your injuries. Your back spasms started in spring training, but you did all you could to help us. Thank you, and you still totally deserve the ’07 Cy Young.
-Daisuke Matsuzaka: Thank you for getting out of all those jams this year, and accumulating 18 wins. You were one of the best pitchers in baseball
-Jon Lester: Thank you for being our most consistent starter, thank you for throwing a beautiful no hitter to the Kansas City Royals on May 19. Thanks for getting us to the ALCS.
-Tim Wakefield: Thank you for being there for us since 1995. Thank you for adjusting to Kevin Cash after we released Doug Mirabelli before the season started.
-Clay Buchholz: Thank you for throwing a 3 hitter against the Rays early in the season, I’m sorry that they tried to change your strategy. I think that you’ll be able to fix it. Thanks for persevering though.
-Paul Byrd: Thanks for pitching some strong ball after we got you. 4-2!!! Thanks for going to the bullpen when we needed you too.
-David Aardsma: Thank you for a few innings of solid relief this year.
-Javier Lopez: Your delivery is pretty cool, and thanks for some pretty solid innings of relief this year, the bullpen is so under appreciated sometimes.
-Manny Delcarmen: Thanks for stepping up this year when we would need you too. If Jonathan Papelbon had been overused, sometimes we could turn to you in the ninth. You worked a lot for us. Thank you.
-Mike Timlin: Thank you for always assuring me when a game is over (just kidding, that’s really mean of me). Thanks for having such longevity and always being ready for us with a great attitude.
-Justin Masterson: Wow. You started in AA this season, and now you’re basically our eighth inning set up man, and a potential future starter. Thanks for stepping up, and performing the way you did. Can’t wait to see you next year.
-Hideki Okajima: Thank you for persevering through some hard innings this year. Even though you weren’t as lights out as last year, thanks for being solid in the post season.
-Jonathan Papelbon: Thank you for being absolutely incredible this year, thank you for having that intimidating stare, and that 98 mph fastball that no one can hit. Thanks for being a workhorse always ready to go. 
*To all the pitchers in general: Thanks for a great season, working through the tough ones and always being ready. It was a hard year, THANK YOU!
-Jason Varitek: Thank you for setting the example for this great team, and leading us in the right direction always. Thank you for persevering through a tough offensive year, and please re-sign with the Red Sox, for the health of Red Sox Nation. 
-Kevin Cash: Thanks for stepping up and catching all of Tim Wakefield’s games, it’s a huge help to give a day off to our captain and it’s hard to catch knuckleballs. 
-Kevin Youkilis: Thank you for being the rock of the Red Sox, thank you for getting clutch hits and lots of RBIs, you’re one of the biggest reasons we got to the post season.
-Sean Casey: Thank you for making me laugh that one time you over ran second, thank you for being the mayor and always light spirited.
-Jeff Bailey: Thank you for getting those few home runs, but I know you got them! I hope to see you up again!
-Mark Kotsay: Thank you for getting those few few few hits in the post season, but they were important. Thanks for playing some solid defense, it made a difference!
-Dustin Pedroia: Thank you for being in only your second season, and playing like a maniac. Thank you for being one of the best hitters in the majors, thank you for being so cool!
-Julio Lugo: Thank you for those few times that you made plays, thank you for throwing me that foul ball 🙂
-Jed Lowrie: Thank you for stepping up when Julio got hurt! You play a great short stop and you are a pretty good hitter. I hope to see you in the future. Thanks for signing my ball.
-Mike Lowell: Thanks for playing well when you could, and thank you for trying to persevere through your injuries. Thanks for playing a solid third base. I hope your surgery goes well!
-Alex Cora: Thank you for being a utility infielder, you play well anywhere.
-Jacoby Ellsbury: Thank you for stealing fifty bases, as a rookie. Thank you for making those wicked catches that virtually no one should make, they really made a difference. Thank you for getting some great hits, and I will always believe in you.
-Coco Crisp: Thank you for stepping up in the post season, and being a good sport about not starting everyday. Thank you for stealing when we needed you to, and thank you for being AWESOME and getting into that fight with James Shields.
-JD Drew: Thank you for having that wicked month of June, and thank you for turning it around this year, thank you for your clutch hits.
-Jason Bay: Thank you for stepping up and having a great season after Manny left. You aren’t a replacement, you are a Red Sox. I can’t wait to see you next year.
-*Ode to Manny Ramirez: I’m so sorry that you were unhappy in Boston, and I will always love you because of what you did for us. 
Terry Francona: Thank you for being the best manager in baseball, thank you for making all the right decisions, thank you for maintaining my trust, thank you for a great season.
Red Sox: Thank you, if it wasn’t for the collective effort that makes you up, we wouldn’t have pushed it to game 7. Thank you for making me feel the magic, and performing that game 5 miracle. I will always have faith. 
This isn’t the end of the world, we can’t expect to win every year. If we didn’t win with our 1967 dream team with people like Yaz, and Carlton Fisk, then we definitely can’t win every year. I’m amazed that we could even get this far with all our injuries.
Thanks for a great season Red Sox, probably the biggest understatement of the year. Words will never be able to describe how much I love you. 
Congratulations Rays, you’ve had one hell of a season.

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  1. Michael Thrilla

    First things first, thank you for your comment, it’s refreshing to see the bright side of this season. Yes, I did read that article about Mike Timlin. He had a great run in Boston, he’s been here since ’03 and has been nothing but a rock. Wake has been great since he’s been here, it’s too bad that this is the end for him.
    Now, on to your blog, thank you for this. They did have a great year, and it is too bad that this is over.
    Honestly, I don’t know if Paul Byrd is the replacement for Wake, but at least you’re going to get a innings eater out of him. They do need another starting pitcher, I didn’t mention that in my blog. C.C. Sabathia is too expensive, and the Brewers over used him. Jake Peavy doesn’t want to leave the West Coast.
    I agree, keeping Masterson in the bullpen woudl be wise thing to do, but these are the Sox, full of surprises.
    Anyways, keep blogging, I like you stuff.

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