I don’t know who to root for…

So today during history, us loudmouths were arguing again, as we do everyday. The classic battle between the Red Sox fan and the Yankee fan (except they are not really Yankee fans, they just happen to hate the Red Sox). So as our argument continues to get louder, and louder, one girl in my class goes: Doesn’t it get boring to argue about the same thing every single day?

Everyone at once goes: No! I think that really shows how fun baseball really is, to talk about at least. Even though it’s the same argument day after day, it’s still fun. And when the season is actually going on, it’s even better. Now the arguments rest on history, and boy do I have to put up with a lot. It’s all fun though.
It’s barely five o’ clock right now, I’ve been suffering baseball withdrawal since Sunday night. I can’t imagine how the real offseason is going to be (once the World Series is over). I’m sure everyone is getting really excited about the World Series. I’m sure there are more Florida fans jumping on the Rays bandwagon as we speak. I hate saying that, but it’s true. You know you scoffed the Rays when you saw the empty seats around the stadium at the beginning of the year. Now they’re selling out? And please, tell me who came up with that annoying cowbell idea? Matt Garza doesn’t even like it! Did you not see his earplugs? 8:00 ET starts Game 1 of the Fall Classic. It’s going to be a classic battle between Cole Hammels and Scott Kazmir. 
When my team isn’t in the World Series, I struggle to decide who to root for (I’m sure everyone goes through this). I do have some relatives up in Delaware who are Phillies fans, but that’s not influencing by decision. Look, even though the Sox got beat by Tampa, why not them? It’s so special to go from worst to first (the last team that did it was the Braves in ’91), so obviously they want to go all the way. It’s a Cinderella story. Also, if we’re gonna get beat, we might as well get beat by the World Series champs. This is the Rays first post season appearance, and they got all the way to the World Series. 
Then again, there are the Phillies, and rooting for them would be logical because I guess I’d kind of want the Rays to get swept after losing to them. But that’s obviously not too sports-man-like. Also, they haven’t been to a World Series in a while, and they’ve got some players that are just so incredible to watch.
So, I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. I’ll be happy either way for whomever wins the World Series, but, I think that the Rays should win it. Even though they beat us, what they’re doing with themselves is so cool. Just to say, I’m in no way jumping on any form of a bandwagon, I’m just going to be the objective third party spectator. Objectivity?? From me?? This only happens one in a while…
What am I looking forward to most? SPRING TRAINING ’09!!!!!!!!!
Ultimately, I just want this World Series to be a great matchup. I don’t want to see blowout games, I want to see low scoring pitchers duels. Good luck to both teams tonight!!

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