I promise, there’s some baseball in this!!!

First off, it’s spirit week at my school. I’m pretty apathetic when it comes to school activities, so spirit week doesn’t really work for me. They played a song that they play at all the big baseball rallies today during the dodgeball tournament. Totally made me miss baseball season. So, the sophomores are Medieval-Renaissance… lame. The juniors are the future, and the seniors are Greco-Roman culture (basically 300 in a nutshell) and the freshmen… well, who cares? 

Tomorrow is November 5. I envy those of you who are able to vote (which is pretty much all of you). I think that I have the mental capacity the determine who governs the United States. I’m moderate-liberal… so if I was voting, I’d be voting for Obama Biden. Not to say that McCain isn’t a good guy. I’d be a bit disappointed if he won the election (Obama has me convinced that he is a clone of George Bush). So let’s say that McCain and Obama have an equal chance at dying, which I guess they do (my AP US History teacher has me convinced on that one), let’s look at their vice presidents: Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden. Really? 
Okay, baseball time:
So here are the Red Sox free agents: Jason Varitek, Curt Schilling, Bartolo Colon, Sean Casey, Alex Cora, Mark Kotsay, and David Ross. Mike Timlin is the only one left that is eligible for free agency, but he’s likely to retire. 
-Jason Varitek: I seriously don’t want him to leave. I think that he is too valuable behind the plate, and really? Are we going to give the starting spot to Kevin Cash, or George Kotteras? No
-Curt Schilling: To put it bluntly, you’re done buddy :). I love you to death, and I have so much respect for you, but I think that you should just retire. 
-Bartolo Colon: If anyone signs you, you better kiss their feet
-Sean Casey: He was good when we needed him, and he’s a pretty funny guy. Gotta love the mayor! Good luck to him
-Alex Cora: Perhaps we should re-sign him, especially if Theo can work his magic and get rid of Lugo
-Mark Kotsay: He proved to be pretty useful playing defensively at first base, as far as offense goes… mediocre. I think that he should go some place that he can start everyday… in some place that needs him. Like the Nationals! God bless them! (Two things are ironic about that statement: 1)I sound like Sarah Palin, and 2) I’m agnostic).
-David Ross: I can’t judge you (barely anyway), probably destined for the minor leagues? No idea… 
I don’t think that the Sox are going to be getting Jake Peavy, I think that he wants to stay in the National League (perhaps to get some extra batting practice?) Probably go to some lucky AL East time, and I will fear them.
I don’t want CC Sabbathia, did you even see him this post season? Dice-K already gives me a heart attack when he loads the bases (and then miraculously gets out of it). I don’t need another heart attack, I’ll be watching the series from the ER.
I WANT DEREK LOWE! I’m still in love with him.

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