A golden glove, and a golden ticket! And, a really cool fact!

First off, Barack Obama has been elected president! I am truly happy for him, I think he is a really great guy, and I think his vice president, Joe Biden, was a great choice since he is an expert on foreign policy. To all you republicans out there, I really respected John McCain, but Sarah Palin? Even you know in the bottom of your conservative heart that being a soccer mom who can see Russia from her house is not qualified. The electoral college map was interesting. I predicted 48/50 states correctly. I only missed Missouri and North Carolina. Virginia was a close race, it was 50-50 for a little while, and Indiana was close too. Barack Obama is like the Jackie Robinson of politics. Jackie Robinson broke the racial barrier in baseball, and now, Obama has broke the racial barrier in politics. It was inspiring to watch some interviews with people who had marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, and how happy they were. 

Now, dear republicans, if you think that Barack’s policies are socialism, I have a response for that too. On the political spectrum, being a democrat verges towards socialism, but it isn’t socialism at all. Spreading the wealth has always been a democratic idea. Obama just wants to help Joe the plumber become successful. Besides, most of you probably will benefit from his tax plan. Plus, we’ve given your republican policies 8 years to work, and they haven’t. It’s time for Change, and Barack is our golden ticket to that.
Now, another notable accomplishment is that Dustin Pedroia won a gold glove! If you think about it, it’s really quite remarkable. The kid is in his second year of baseball, and in his first he won AL Rookie of the Year, and in the second he won a gold glove, and he is a very strong candidate for the MVP award. I’m so proud of him. 
Fenway Park is now in it’s “8th inning” of renovations, we’re getting better seats apparently and water proofing the lower bowl. Some of the Sox correspondents have requested that Fenway holds the 2012 All-Star game. Why? Well, it’s sentimental. 100 glorious years at the beautiful Fenway Park. I hope they’re allowed! 


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