My recommendations for coping with the off-season

The offseason is tough, five long months until baseball starts up again. The only things that you can think about are the trade rumors, the MVP and Gold Glove awards, and of course free agency. It’s boring though, without baseball. Sports Center becomes all about football and basketball, and those sports just don’t interest me, and the baseball section slowly disappears from the sports section. So, how do we deal with this separation? Well, I’ve come up with a few things that you can do that don’t involve checking your favorite team’s site every twenty minutes to look for any new updates. 

1. Start watching those TV shows that you always heard were good, but would always disregard since they always came on during the baseball game! My recommendations include The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Family Guy (which is truly the most brilliant show on television), Gossip Girl (it’s a guilty pleasure, and very shallow and unrealistic, but the drama will keep you hooked), 90210 (the west coast version of gossip girl), House, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Heroes, and 30 Rock. 
2. Check out ‘The Dream Weaver’ by Jack Bowen. It’s this crazy book all about philosophers. Basically, this boy encounters all these philosophical theories, and it kind of disproves our way of thinking. It gives you this sensational headache.
3. Try hanging out with the friends that you ditched countless times to watch the game. During the regular season, I ditched my friends for Spring Training games, for rivalry games, for regular season games, and for playoff games but of course. 
4. If you’re in high school (like myself) or college, try doing your homework in your room, at your desk, instead of the TV room. Your grades might just sky-rocket (like my Geometry grade!!)
5. Try going out on the weekends, crash a party, go out to eat (instead of ordering in so you don’t miss the first pitch). 
6. Try doing some yoga, it really centers yourself and takes away stress. 
7. Guitar Hero, it becomes really addicting! 
8. You know those people that you argue with everyday because they hate the team you love? Well now that baseball season is over, find something else you dislike about them, and continue the arguing. 
9. Catch up on your sleep. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. All those late night games that went into extra innings. Those games on the West Coast that you stayed up to watch (even if it was a blowout game) That time you drove 4.5 hours to go see a game just because your favorite team was playing, and then got back at 3 in the morning, went to school the next day, and failed the test you had to take. 
10. Start a blog! Yay! Write about those lovely opinions that you have, because that’s what us bloggers do. If nobody listens to you when you talk, maybe someone out there will read what you right. 


  1. Kaybee

    That’s amazing! I am one of those guilty of checking the Padres’ website too often…but there were two new articles today! And San Diego’s newspaper just had a tiny snippet on baseball on Sunday and it was really sad. I also can’t stand football and basketball, so I really need to find something new to do. Hmmmm, ah, yes, maybe sleep. There were so many extra inning games for the Padres this year it was insane. Like that 22 inning thing where I stayed up til 1:30 a.m…..

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