Congratulations Evan Longoria

The rookie of the year award went out today, and Evan Longoria got it. He deserved it, he had a great year over at third defensively, and offensively for the Rays. He was a big part of the reason why the Rays even got to the postseason, his bat was just silenced sometimes in the actual postseason when it mattered (like the World Series). Alexi Ramirez got second, how many grand slams did he have this year? Like a million, right? Oh, and guess who got third? Jacoby Ellsbury! I knew he wouldn’t win first, I mean, he had a .280 batting average, not too many home runs, and not too many RBI’s. He had the most steals in the American League though, as well as some stellar defensive catches. It won’t be long until he wins his first gold glove. Theo’s got to keep him, I mean, everybody loves him who loves the Red Sox.

So, over the weekend, I went to a debate tournament, right? And in one of my rounds, the girl was like: well that would be like blah blah blah, or taking away Red Sox fans’ right to vote just because they’re Red Sox fans. Well, that really offended me. I almost brought it up in Cross Ex. but I had to keep it professional. The first guy I hit though, GOD was he annoying? He was one of those guys all about masculine superiority so he was helping me with my chair and stuff, in a really condescending way. I tried to give him as many dirty looks as possible, without seeming rude to the judge. After the round, he was like: sorry I was a little harsh, but I ended up beating him. So next time I see him, I want to be like: SORRY I KICKED YOUR ***! Don’t you just hate those cocky people? I ended up going 2-2 at the tournament, if I had worked a little harder, I probably could’ve won :p.
Then today, during PE, we had to run outside. I tried to convince our coach not to go outside and he was like: If you say that you hate the Red Sox and that you’re a Mets fan, we’ll stay inside. And I was like, HELL NO. Having my religion questioned or threatened twice within the past two days, that’s a bit of harassment no?Β 
A couple of the Sox coaches are looking into managerial positions for the Mariners. God knows that they need it, poor guys.Β 
On other note, I’m not too sure about the national league gold glovers, but I’m sure they did great (I’m pretty sure one of the Padres won) but as far as the American League goes, I’ve got that down.
First: Carlos Pena, yeah, yeah good, but it’s not like he set a record like Kevin Youkilis did towards the beginning of the year
Second: Dustin Pedroia πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€Β 
Shortstop: Michael Young. How cool is that? First time in history that a guy won a gold glove who was on the team with the worst fielding percentage in baseball
Third Base: Adrian Beltre from the Mariners. I don’t know much about him, but he must be great since he’s won multiple gold gloves
Outfield: Torii Hunter (AGAIN), Ichiro Suzuki (AGAIN), and Grady Sizemore (again, but this is only the second time). Soon, it’s going to be double digits for Suzuki and Hunter. If you deserve it, you deserve it
Catcher: Joe Mauer. I think he’s a candidate for MVP, or maybe that’s Josh Hamilton. One of the two for sure. But hey, Joe and Josh are pretty similar names, so it’s easily confused with a baseball fan who doesn’t follow the Twins super closely πŸ™‚
How long was this Monday? I don’t know, it just seemed really long and worn out, I hated it; partially because I totally bombed my chemistry test. Who knew that there was going to be some density conversions on my dimensional analysis test? We only went over density one day in class, ONE PROBLEM. Ugh

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