Free Agency has begun, let the games begin

At 12:01 AM Friday morning, the free agency game officially began. And for the Red Sox, I think that Varitek is at the top of everyone’s list. I’m sure Theo has talked to Mr. Boras about it, but Theo is very secretive. It’s kind of unnerving. You’ve got to give Tek a second chance though, he’s a great player and he’s contributed so much to our team. I mean, remember how much everyone disliked JD Drew because of his lack of offensive in 2007. And remember thanking the lord for his existence? Well, who’s to say that Varitek can’t turn it around? If anything, it’ll be like a two year deal, but we all know that Varitek is going to retire with the Red Sox, one way or another. And has anyone else noticed that Scott Boras is like, a power agent? I mean, isn’t he Mark Teixiera’s agent, and Derek Lowe, and Jason Varitek? He must be pretty cool. The Sox might even be going after Teixiera. I don’t know who we’d give up for him though… actually, I don’t even know if we have to give anyone up for free agency. 

So, yesterday, my friend’s mom went to this event, the opening of this hotel on Miami Beach… and A-Rod was there. He used to be married to my friend’s cousin, and my friend knew him o_O. 
I’m staying on my toes for trade rumors, checking every twenty minutes.. and counting down the days ’til spring training comes back. Can’t wait to make that 2.5 hours drive to Fort Meyers. I’ll almost have my license by then 🙂


  1. Kaybee

    What were we saying about checking our team’s website too much? 🙂 I’m still working on it, but it’s getting easier because the only news is that the Yanks are interested in Jake. That’s pretty sad. Well, I guess that would be kind of OK, but I’m half Red Sox fan, so that would not be so cool. Hopefully it doesn’t work out, but New York is the one with all the money. Scary…..

  2. juliasrants

    We have to bring Tek back! Yes, he is struggling with hitting, but there is NO better catcher out there for controlling the game and keeping the pitchers (read Dice-K) in the game. We need him to mentor and help train his replacement -we all know he only has a a couple of years left. He will retire a Red Sox. How about if we let him go out in style, like he deserves.

  3. neal07

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. While you said you would live in fear of us if we got CC and Peavy, you must remember: If we don’t sign Tex, you may, and that is an absolutely terrifying thought. Mark and Ortiz doesn’t have the same ring as Manny-Ortiz, but it could end up being a better duo. But who would you play at first in National League parks?

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