Newest trade rumor: Lugo

So, I’m sure some of you might be like me… you chose to block Julio Lugo from your minds after he sustained an injury July 11, and fully embrace the awesomeness of our little Jed-i Knight Lowrie! I mean, Lugo hit something ungodly like .139 with RISP this year, batted a mere .269 in 82 games with only 22 RBIs. But hey, if the Tigers need a shortstop, then they need a shortstop. They have faith in the guy, he could very well turn it around. The Sox would either get Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis in return. I remember seeing Dontrelle pitch for the Marlins, and he almost won the Cy Young in 2005. But he was absolutely atrocious in 2008, he was sent down to single A I think. Yup, single A. That might be cool, we could put those pitchers in our bullpen. They’d be like the David Aardsma of the bullpen. Ridiculously inconsistent. 

There was also a story about the Red Sox suspension of Manny Ramirez, which was never enacted. The Sox management actually had a letter of suspension delivered to him, after he missed a second straight game because of a “bad knee” (yet nothing showed up on the MRI). He was supposed to be suspended the next day, against the Yankees, but he intended to play and went hitless in four attempts, in a 10-3 loss against the Yankees. WHOA. Holy crap, just had a realization there! I WAS AT THAT GAME. (This was seriously not planned at all, I just realized that now). I was at that game, and I sat in the right field grandstand, right next to these guys who were getting MAD drunk and abusing every Yankee fan in sight. Wakefield started, and it was a pretty good game until around the fifth inning, where the Yankees just erupted. Okay, well anyway, a week later Manny got traded. I’m really happy that I got to see one of his last games… because, even though he was a total *** about leaving, I still loved him, and I miss him 😦
So I had to write a DBQ today… here’s the topic: Reform movements in the US sought to expand democratic ideals. *snooze* Took me like, eight hours to write. Probably because facebook is the most distracting social utility on the face of this earth. Once I finished that, I had a lab report to write, and I’m still not done. I still have to read a chapter of the Scarlet Letter, I have a chemistry quiz tomorrow, and a geometry test Tuesday. Okay, I’m kind of screwed.
We find out the MVPs on Tuesday! I’m so excited, GO PEDROIA!


  1. juliasrants

    I too am excited to hear the MVP announcement tomorrow! GO DUSTY! And sorry, but I so do not miss Manny! I am proud that I live in a “Bay-State”! Jason Bay has been such a great addition to the team – and he runs all the way to first base on every hit! Good luck with the school work. The “Scarlet Letter” is a great book!

  2. Kaybee

    I totally agree about facebook. I have no idea how many hours of my life I’ve wasted on that thing 🙂 VERY distracting. Anyway, I’m not sure if Willis would really be a good fit for the Red Sox. He might be good in the bullpen, though. That Single-A thing last year was so funny. Hey, maybe he learned a lesson from it!

  3. Greg

    I’d be happy to get rid of Lugo for Willis. It sure may be crap for crap as Neal (via Jeff) has stated, but it is like trading a crappy Ford Focus (Lugo) for a crappy Cadillac (Willis). If you can fix up and restore the vehicles, then look what you have.

    Red Sox Ramblings:

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