MVPedrioa!!!! (and also Albert Pujols for the NL)

The MVPs were announced during the past two days. Albert Pujols won in the NL, and Ryan Howard came in second. Oddly enough, I barely heard any talk about Pujols winning the MVP, much more about the Phillies’ potential to win a third in a row. They were talking about Ryan Howard or Chase Utley. That would’ve been crazy though. Congratulations to Pujols, he’s a great player, and has one hell of a career average.  

Dustin Pedroia won in the American League, adding yet another trophy to his already large collection (for a second year player that is). He won AL Rookie of the Year last year, and a gold glove, silver slugger, and MVP award in 2008. Talk about triple whammy in ’08! I know he wasn’t the big 30 home run guy this year, but if he ever does become the big home run hitter, I think he could win a triple crown. The first time since ’67… when Yaz did it. Here are some interesting stats about Pedroia
He joins only two other players in MLB history, Cal Ripken Jr. and Ryan Howard, to win Rookie of the Years and MVP in back to back years. 
He is the first second baseman to win the AL MVP award since Nellie Fox in 1959 (of the White Sox)
He’s the first Red Sox to receive an MVP award since Mo Vaughn in ’95.  
He’s now one of ten Red Sox players to win the award (in Red Sox history), those players being (and not surprising at all): Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams (twice), Jackie Jensen, Yaz, Fred Lynn, Jim Rice, and Roger Clemens
He became the fifth second baseman in major league history to have 200 hits, 50 doubles, 100 runs, and 15 home runs. He joins Charlie Gehringer, Craig Biggio, Jose Vidro, and Alfonso Soriano. 
Justin Morneau finished second, and Kevin Youkilis finished third. One of the only times in Red Sox history that two players from the same team have finished in the top three spots (the other time being Roger Clemens and Jim Rice). Want to hear Pedroia’s out of your mind stats?
.326 batting average (POINTS away from Joe Mauer), 213 hits (tied with Ichiro), 118 runs, 54 doubles,17 home runs, and 20 stolen bases. And he led the league with 61 multihit games. 
Dustin truly deserved to win this, he has a wonderful personality (like after he hit that grand slam against the Yanks in late August, he said I’m the strongest 165 pound man out there!), and has “led the team since day 1″- Big Papi. He’s only 25 years old, and he’s already leading a team. He’s barely 5’9″, in fact he’s more around 5’7”, and he doesn’t look like a baseball player when you look at him, but stats don’t lie. Of course, now he’s Arizona working out, just trying to get better for next year. He’s a real team player. He (and Youkilis for that matter) were the reasons that the Sox even got to the postseason. 
Congratulations Pedroia!


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