Premonition maybe?

Okay so to be quick, I accidentally posted the whole Coco was traded thing twice (I guess I was incessantly clicking). So I wanted to delete one entry, but I ended up deleting both… so I was annoyed because it still showed up on my profile (as far as I could tell).

I guess the only bright side is that I can add the thing that I forgot to mention in the other two posts…. 
So, this morning, during my first period Geometry class, I got this really bad feeling. I didn’t know what it was, but it was really bad. Then I saw my test, and the feeling got worse (I’m mathematically challenged). The feeling continued throughout the day, and was subtly noticeable to my best friend. So I got home, and went to, and Coco got traded! Now, first period starts around the time that it was released/confirmed that he got traded. A coincidence? Not sure… 
It happened really fast, the Coco trade. I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I at least expected to hear a rumor. I wanted to brace myself for his departure, and analyze whoever we were going to get (as I’m doing now with our acquisition). We got Ramon Ramirez. According to Theo’s reports, this guy is pretty good, and underrated for that matter. He’ll probably become a valuable asset to our bullpen. I think we have some pretty good depth in there now: Manny Delcarmen, Hideki Okajima, Justin Masterson, Jonathan Papelbon, and now, Ramirez. And if the Lugo trade ever happens, we’ll have either Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis to throw in there. Not that I really want them pitching yet, I mean, Willis was sent down to single A last year. S
This also gives us flexibility with Justin Masterson, who can start if we need him to. And apparently, the Sox are getting pretty serious about AJ Burnett, who had a pretty solid 2008 season, posting career highs in numerous categories (such as strikeouts). The Yankees, are also in contention for him. I swear if they get Sabbathia, Burnett, Peavy and Lowe (potentially) I will probably crawl into a hole, and live in constant fear. 
Also, I sign on to MLBlogs, and I see the headline: MLBloggers react to the AL MVP, Dustin Pedroia, and it has links on the bottom, one of which was ‘Future Blog’. I was interested because my blog is called ‘The Future Blog of the Red Sox’. But when I clicked on it, it led to my blog! I was so surprised, and really happy too. I have to say, I really enjoy this MLBlogs community. 
So once again, sorry about like, the third post of the day. Maybe I’ll take a break tomorrow, but that’s highly unlikely. 


  1. juliasrants

    Congrats on your blog being highlighted! It was a good one about Dusty! I’ve only been blogging here a short while but it is a great place to be! Sorry about the math test. And I’m with you – the Yankees are after way to many players, but you know what? It’s only because they know they can’t beat the Sox without help!

  2. Jane Heller

    Don’t worry, ladies. The Yankees won’t get everybody. 🙂 As for the Coco trade, Elizabeth, I think it was a good one for the Sox. Ramirez (Ramon, that is) could be a real asset in the pen, and you already have Jacoby for CF, right?

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