Mussina Retires, Hal Steinbrenner steps up, Ramon Ramirez


Mike Musisna announced today that he will officially retire. He had something like 270 career wins. He had a great career, and was always a menace on the mound. He started with Baltimore in ’91, and went to the Yankees in ’01. His career record is 270-153 with a 3.68 ERA. So that’s why the Yankees are in the market for so many pitchers! They’re losing a lot, hopefully Cheng Meng-Weng (pardon my spelling) will come back, and this time not destroy his season by stepping on home plate. That really riled Georgie up, didn’t it? He started ranting about the National League and how it should adopt the designated hitter strategy. I’m actually incorporating pictures into my blog?? Wow, this is cool! 

Speaking of Georgie, I was in PE today, on an elliptical, and was watching Sports Center when I saw the breaking news: Hal Steinbrenner is now the principal owner of the Yankees. I’ll bet he’s pretty smart, after all George doesn’t just let that job go to anyone, plus he’ll still probably have a stay in some operations. 
On to the Red Sox. So we’ve established that Coco has been traded… and it’s probably for the best (for both organizations that is). He’ll get more playing time, and bring his experience and feistiness to Kansas City, and Ramirez will bring the depth to the bullpen that the Sox organization had been seeking. Now, according to Theo, we will be looking for an outfielder, and I think we signed one to a minor league deal earlier today. As for Ramon Ramirez, apparently he has a pretty sick change up, that looks like a splitter, and a fastball that ranges between 92-95 mph. 
I think I’ll start using more pics in the future… it adds some color to the blog rather than just words… We had to offset the yankee pic with a Red Sox pic, I suppose… I thought this was hilarious. We’ll miss you Coco 🙂 


  1. juliasrants

    Love the “milk photo”! We will all miss Coco, but I think everyone came out a winner in the trade. It will be fun to see what changes will take place with the new guy at the helm of the Yankees. I wonder if there will be less yelling when the Red Sox whip the Yankees butts next season?

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