The only thing I want for christmas, is Jason Varitek back on the Sox

jasonvaritekhm7.jpgFour years ago, Jason Varitek re-signed with the Red Sox on Christmas eve. The only thing I want for Christmas this year, is for Jason Varitek to do the same thing again. It has been reported that the Red Sox offered Varitek a one-year deal… but Scot Boras, one of baseball’s “power agents”, said that he was unaware of this, in fact, he said that negotiations between Varitek and the Red Sox haven’t even started. Boras believes that a lot of teams are quite interested in Varitek. Theo Epstein himself said “Jason’s an important guy here, and we’ll sit down and explore if there’s a way for him to come back that will help be a positive solution for our catching situation. If there is, I’m sure he’ll end up coming back. If there are obstacles we can’t overcome, sometimes that’s beyond our control. It’s an important one. He brings a lot to the table here, despite not having one of his most productive years. We’ll sit down and talk about it.” The Red Sox are said to favor a deal in which Varitek comes back, but doesn’t play quite as often, so perhaps there could be an acquisition of a younger catcher, who can be developed into an everyday catcher upon Varitek’s depart. Plus, when you have Varitek as a tutor, what could go wrong? The Sox already have a couple young catcher, including Kevin Cash, Dusty Brown, and George Kotteras. MikeLowell.jpg

On another note, what about Mike Lowell? Sure he still has a year or two left on his contract, but his value is very high… so the Sox could get a good deal for him. Personally, I’m opposed to this because I think that Mike Lowell still has great potential. He just got hip surgery, and I’m sure that his rehabilitation process is going well. I definitely have faith that he will have a strong offensive season. Does that mean I’m not interested in Tex? Absolutely not, he seems very interesting, but I think that it’d important to look at the pros and cons of him coming to Boston. 
It’s been over a week, and CC still hasn’t signed with the Yankees, and Hal is getting impatient. He told Sabbathia that this offer won’t last forever. My question is, why hasn’t CC succumbed to the money yet? The truth is, every baseball player follows the money. Sure CC would like to go home to the west coast… or maybe even the national league, but if any other team goes for him, wouldn’t the Yankees continue to drive up the price? It sure seems like Sabbathia is their number one priority. 



  1. thegoodofthegame

    These guys are assets, but I would be cautious. Even though they have Pedroia and Ellsbury, they have the potential to get real old, real fast. It happened to the Yanks a couple years ago and I’d hate to see it happen to the Bo-Sox too.
    It’s easy to fall for these guys, they’re good ballplayers and class act guys. I can’t blame any of Red Sox nation for wanting to keep them. I would too.

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