Jason Varitek and Carlton Fisk

1099231237_4494.jpgAccording to the power agent Scott Boras, Varitek is not interested in a minor role, he is interested in a full time roll. Last week, Curt Schilling said that he had a conversation with Varitek, in which Varitek said that he might be willing to catch less games, but Schilling isn’t sure if he’s mad about that. Obviously, Varitek doesn’t want a reduced roll, after all, he’s in great shape, and can call games like no one else. Even though I’ve been told not to trust agents (even The Matrix advises us not to), I agree with the example that Scott Boras turns to, Carlton Fisk.ws_fisk_1975_288x235.jpg

 As a fans of the sport, everyone has some degree of respect for the renowned Red Sox catcher. But interestingly enough, when Fisk was 36 (and at this time his Red Sox career was finished and he was playing with the White Sox), he batted a mere .231, sure better than Varitek… but two years later, when he was 38, he batted only .221, only one hundreth of a percentage point higher than Varitek. However, when he was 41, he batted .293. And if you continue to look at his statistics, his batting average continually went up and down, his career batting average was only .269. The guy still got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000. The fact of the matter was, he was a great catcher, and was also a captain for the Red Sox. So this is why I think we need to keep Varitek, we don’t just give up on a guy because he has the worst offensive season of his career. 
BDD_pudge_bgfile.jpgWe need to appreciate the fact that he calls the game like no other, and according to Scott Boras there is no other catcher with a higher win-loss percentage starting a game than Varitek. So, yes, I am comparing Jason Varitek to Carlton Fisk, and I think that Varitek is just as capable to have a rebound season. I think that Theo should sign Varitek to a two year deal, and let him play everyday because that’s Varitek’s mentality. He’s not the kind of guy who’s going to sit on the bench when he’s healthy and watch a game go on (unless of course, Wakefield is pitching). The body cannot function without the mind, and a team cannot function without it’s leader. 



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    The Sox, all of a sudden, look very different if you think of them without Varitek. The C, the pitch calls, the durability, the clutch hits, the beard! One of those guys that would just be weird seeing play on another team, even though he played briefly for the Mariners.

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth … Congratulations !!!

    On being the “Featured Blog” on the MLB.com/Blogs homepage !!! … I agree with your thoughts on Jason Varitek … He is the “captain” of the Red Sox, and signing him for two years makes sense … Great defense, and “calling a good game” is more important for a catcher, then his offensive stats … That’s what makes Jose Molina so valuable to the Yankees as a back-up catcher … Of course, it is always a bonus to have a catcher that is also a great hitter, such as Carlton Fisk with the Red Sox; or, Thurman Munson, and Jorge Posada with the Yankees !!! … Anyway, keep up the excellent work on your Blog; and, Have A Very Happy Thanksgiving !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


  3. Kaybee

    AHHHHHHH!! You’re on the front page!!! Congrats! YES, I HATE football, and I’m not even sure why. It is just disgusting, and it has way too many crazy fans. And my newpaper, UGH. Sundays are the only days I get it, but it is still sickening. The front page of the sports section was covered in chargers nonsense. They are doing badly this year, so I’m very excited. If the Padres were really bad, the chargers need to be bad too. And they are, so there! Yeah, I try not to get into many football arguments because I usually lose. I really don’t have a good solid reason why I hate football, so I can’t really argue it. Unfortunately, a lot of my friends are big football fans, and they play full games a lot. SIGH. Seriously, I don’t think I know anyone who feels the same way about this but you and my mom 🙂

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