Around the Hot Stove- Arbitration

The arbitration deadline was last night at midnight, and some premier free agents received the offer, others (somewhat surprisingly) did not. 

As far as the Red Sox go, only Jason Varitek and Paul Byrd were offered arbitration. It was expected that Varitek would receive the offer, but with Byrd it was not so obvious. If he accepts, it would put him and the club in an awkward position because there’s not necessarily room for him in Boston’s plans. There have been rumors that the Braves have interest in him though. 

Brian Fuentes.jpg

Brian Fuentes received arbitration from the Rockies, which may (or may not) influence the Mets’ interest in him, and as we know, they’re also interested in K-Rod. 
The Yankees did not offer arbitration to ANY of their eight eligible free agents. The Yankees have interest in holding on to Petite, but not at the same price, which could cause a conflict (perhaps even reuniting him with his former manager!).

Andy Petite.jpg

  Bobby Abreu did not receive arbitration because he is seeking a three year deal which the Yankees are not offering. Plus, the Yankees have a pretty deep outfield already: Deamon (sorry), Cabrera, Gardener, and Nady. The top pitching interests for the Yankees were all offered arbitration (Sabathia, Burnett, and Lowe)

Ivan Rodriguez.jpg

The Marlins did not offer arbitration to their Type B Free Agents Luis Gonzalez, Paul Lo Duca, or Arthur Rhodes. The Reds have reported interest in the reliever Arthur Rhodes. With the Mariners offering arbitration to Raul Ibanez, it is unlikely that the Marlins will continue seeking him because they don’t want to sacrifice a draft pick. Since the Yankees did not offer arbitration to Ivan Rodriguez (known to us as Pudge), he might be the perfect fit for the Marlins organization since they are seeking an experienced catcher to help their young pitching staff. The Marlins have also experienced interest in Carl Pavano
If the Braves want to continue pursuing Burnett, they would not have to give up their first round pick if they signed him because they have one of the first fifteen selections. Their compensation would be a “sandwich selection” between the first and second rounds, and their second round pick. 
The Phillies did not offer arbitration to Jamie Moyer or Pat Burrell. They could be interested in outfielders Juan Rivera or Rocco Baldelli seeing that those two were not offered arbitration by their teams, so Philly would not have to compensate by giving up draft picks. 
Players have until midnight of December 7 (so technically December 8) to accept or refuse these offers. 
In other Red Sox news… the Sox will officially announce their signing of the Japanese righty Junichi Tazawa sometime this week, after his physicals go through. The terms of the deal were three years at $3 million. The Red Sox also signed left handed reliever Billy Traber to a minor league contract, and an invitation to Spring Training. However, a spot on the major league roster might be difficult to attain seeing that the Sox already have two lefties in the bullpen: Okajima and Lopez. Last year with the Yankees, Traber had a 7.02 ERA in 19 outings, and in 95 career appearances (28 starts) he is 12-14 with a 5.54 ERA. The Red Sox have really gone after some pitching this offseason! 


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    It looks like the Red Sox made a good move with the signing of the Japanese pitcher, Junichi Tazawa … But, Billy Traber !!! … Just looking at his record, you can see that he pitched very poorly for the Yankees, last year … Traber was very ineffective in most of his appearances with the Yanks, and was up and down many times between New York and (AAA) SWB, before finally being released … So, I don’t think the Red Sox should expect a lot from Billy Traber !!! … And, I do think the Red Sox will re-sign Jason Varitek … As for the whole Bobby Abreu and Andy Pettitte situation, let’s just say, I’m very annoyed that the Yankees have not already re-signed both players … I still feel it will be a very huge mistake if the Yankees let Abreu and Pettitte “just walk away” from the Yanks … Anyway, excellent post, Elizabeth … Have a great day … Jimmy [27NYY]

  2. happyyoungster

    I have a funny feeling that Varitek will accept the Red Sox arb. offer. Just a gut feeling. Where else is he going to play? He’s meant to stay in Boston.
    What the Sox should do is sign a younger catcher to learn from him.
    BTW, I like the “Deamon” reference…funny stuff.

  3. Kaybee

    Well, at least things are finally starting to happen around here! I really wonder what will be happening in the days ahead for the Sox. Hopefully Tek will get locked up soon, but what are you guys going to do for a backup catcher?

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