Pedroia to be a Red Sox until at least 2014!!

“On behalf of John Henry, Tom Werner, and the entire Red Sox organization, I want to say that we are thrilled that Dustin has chosen to extend his contract with the Boston Red Sox…Dustin’s style of play and tremendous work ethic have quickly made him a fan favorite throughout the city of Boston and all across Red Sox Nation. He plays with a kind of gritty determination that serves as an inspiration not only to his teammates but to Red Sox fans of all ages, and we believe Dustin will play a key role in helping to bring more championships to Fenway Park in the years to come.”

-Club President/CEO Larry Lucchino
Pedroia happy.jpg

Today, the Boston Red Sox and 2007 AL Rookie of the Year, Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award, and MVP award winner (phew, that’s a lot in two years!) Dustin Pedroia reached an agreement that will guarantee Dustin a Red Sox until 2014. It was a 6 year, 40.5 million dollar contract, and included is a seventh year option (yay!) worth $11. By winning the MVP, Silver Slugger and Gold Glove award in the same year, Pedroia is now among only 8 others in AL history. Pedroia also joined only two others- Ryan Howard (’05-’06) and Cal Ripken Jr. (’82-’83) to win the MVP award the year after attaining the rookie of the year award. 

By signing this, Pedroia gave up two potential years of free agency, which would have started in 2013, but that’s okay, we want to keep Pedroia here for a long time. The deal included a 1.5 million dollar signing bonus, and Pedroia’s income will continually increase every year. From 1.5 in 2009, to $10 in 2014. However, it is a pay-raise from the $500,000 he made this year.

Pedroia with Youk.jpg

Pedroia’s contract is near the largest given to a “non-arbitration eligible” player joining Hanley Ramirez of the Marlins, David Wright of the Mets, and Ryan Braun of the Brewers. The last time that the Red Sox signed a contract like this to a non-arbitration eligible player was in 1998 to guess who… Nomar Garciaparra after he won the Rookie of the Year award. 
“[Pedroia’s] a well-rounded player…Offensively, what he’s accomplished speaks for itself. Defensively, he’s made an unbelievable transition from shortstop to second, and we think he’s one of the best defensive second baseman in the game as well and runs the bases really well, despite his lack of blazing speed. What’s not to like about this guy?”
-Theo Epstein

Theo Epstein thumbs up.jpg

Theo Epstein seems to be very happy with this deal (his thumb appears to be up… he doesn’t smile too often), he, as well as virtually everyone else in the clubhouse, and even perhaps the major leagues, seem to enjoy Dustin’s confident (and hilarious) attitude, and his determined and hard-working mentality. 
“It’s something we’re thrilled about…It’s definitely something we wanted as a club and something I think Dustin was looking to do as well. It came together as a product of a lot of hard work. He really embodies just about everything we look for in a Red Sox player. That makes this a great day for the organization.”
-Theo Epstein
Equally as important, if not more, Pedroia is happy as well. 
championships. My first thought about the whole thing was, ‘I play for the best team in the Major Leagues.’ Who wouldn’t want to play for the Boston Red Sox? We’re going to have an opportunity to win every year. The fans are the best. The city embraces their team, so why not? It fits.”
-Dustin Pedroia

Pedroia and Tito.jpg

Pedroia with Papi.jpg

 “That means I get to be here in the place I love for the next six or seven years. That’s the way I looked at it.”
It is obvious that Pedroia has grown to love the atmosphere that he is playing in, which I think is more important than how much money he makes. Money can’t buy happiness, and I think that when a player loves where he’s playing- loves the fans, loves everything about his environment- that’s when money stops mattering, all that matters is his happiness, and that’s when he plays the best. 
I am so happy that Pedroia is happy here, and I hope that he continues to be happy, and “love” the Boston Red Sox.


  1. Darion

    I have to say that’s a heck of a smart signing by your team. a cheap, long deal that locks up one of the best players in the game. Dustin is one of my favorite players and I’m a Braves fan. You can’t hate him and you have to give this gut the respect he deserves, and he deserves a lot.

  2. jimmy27nyy


    Congratulations, on the Red Sox signing Dustin Pedroia to a long-term contract that will keep him in a Sox uniform through the 2014 season !!! … I think it’s great when a team rewards its own players when they perform outstanding achievements that helps to lead their team to victory !!! … Pedroia is a great player, who has had an amazing first two years in Boston … I look forward to watching him play over the next six years, especially, in all the great battles ahead between the Yankees and the Red Sox … The Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is the greatest rivalry in all of baseball, and, also, in all sports !!! … Dustin Pedroia in the Boston lineup makes these games even more fun and exciting to watch !!! … The new 2009 baseball season will be here before we know it; I can’t wait for the season to start !!! … “Nice Post” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

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