Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice to the Hall of Fame!!

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Rickey Henderson 1.jpeg

I was in my American Lit. class when the clock struck 1:30. I tensed up and started breathing a little heavier. “Oh my God, Oh my God!” I whispered, checking my phone every ten seconds to see if my father had texted me with any news.

“What?” Ben, the kid sitting next to me asked. “It’s 1:30!” I said. He gave me a weird look, so I explained “The people elected into the Hall of Fame are announced now!” He rolled his eyes, and continued listening to whatever it was we were talking about in class–something about Hemingway. As soon as the bell rang, I was determined to find an iPhone and check ‘Red Sox Mobile’.
I walked over to the little area that my friends and I sit in and started saying “I need the internet!” repeatedly. I went up to my friend Will, and demanded the iPhone. I went to the Red Sox website–nothing! So I went to MLB.com, but still nothing! Fine, it had only been ten minutes since 1:30 but still–no news?? This bothered me the rest of the day until finally, when school ended, I had a voicemail from my father. Jim Rice was finally in the Hall of Fame!!
Jim Rice 3.jpg
I was so happy when I heard the news! Jim Rice had finally made it, after fourteen years of coming so close, but losing (sounds like a few World Series years right?) he made it in his fifteenth and final at-bat. 
He now joins the other two Red Sox captains, Carl Yastrzemski and Jimmie Foxx in the Hall and is the fourth Red Sox player elected to spend his entire career there. 
Okay, it’s not like it wasn’t close. He received 76.2% of the votes, but hey, he deserves it! 
In early December, I wrote an entry on why Jim Rice should be in the Hall of Fame. Some of you may vaguely remember it, but if not, you can read (or look at it) here
When I got home from school, the first thing I turned on was MLB Network, and Jim Rice was at an interview. I tried to watch it but my brother started complaining and got another remote from the other room, and attempted to change the channel. I wouldn’t let him, and finally he gave in. 
Rickey Henderson 2.jpg
Another to enter the famous “Hall” today, was Rickey Henderson. He is absolutely incredible. He had 3,055 career hits and 1,406 stolen bases! In one year, he stole 130–in one year!! I think that’s absolutely incredible. 
I have the utmost amount of respect for these players, and I am happy that it will be perpetuated in the Hall of Fame. 
**More to come on Takashi Saito soon**


  1. juliasrants

    Elizabeth, I was watching MLB Network when they made the announcement at 2pm. I jumped up and screamed! It is a great day for Red Sox Nation with both Rice & Henderson being elected to the HOF! Good job keeping the remote away from your brother.


  2. bostonredsoxgirl46

    “King Yankees”: You’re absolutely right–I’m glad Rice finally got in!

    Julia: I wish I could’ve seen the announcement at 2 pm! I was sitting in Life Skills! I’m so happy for Rice!

    Bigpapi72: He really deserves it! He’s been waiting ever since I was born! I wish I could’ve been alive to see him play though. Stories are always nice!!


  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Congrats, Red Sox Nation. 🙂 I’m glad one of yours made it. Hopefully one of mine will make it sooner rather than later! Like you said about Rice in the comment section, I wish I could have seen Harold Baines play, but I was too young. I can’t wait until I can say, “I’ve seen that Hall of Famer play.”

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Jen: Thanks! I can’t wait to say the same myself :). I think we both definitely will.

    Julia: Thanks, Congrats on #4! Wow!!!


  5. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Elizabeth …

    “Congratulations” [again] on Jim Rice being voted into the Hall of Fame !!! … I like your determination when you tried to watch the Jim Rice interview, and I was [lol] at your description of the following scene: // “I tried to watch it [the Jim Rice interview on the MLB Network] but my brother started complaining and got another remote from the other room [lol], and attempted to change the channel. I wouldn’t let him, and finally he gave in.” // …Now, that’s determination !!! … With Rice now in the Hall of Fame, I think, it’s time for the Red Sox to retire his #14 !!! … Also, Elizabeth, “Congratulations”, on your #19 ranking on the new mlblogs “Leader’s List” !!! … It’s great to see your blog moving up the Leader’s List to your goal of being the #1 mlblog !!! … Keep up the excellent work on your blog !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”


  6. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Jane: Thank you, and Congrats on number two!!

    Kaybee: It really is frustrating! And nobody understands my agony!

    Jimmy: Glad you liked the story, and thanks! Congrats on #17 I think it was?

    Jeff: I want to read “Death in the Afternoon”, but right now we’re reading “In Our Time”, which is also very good. Good to know you and I both have our priorities straight 😉


  7. welikeroywelikeroy

    Excellent work. I feel sorta similar with Ricky Henderson making the Hall of Fame. He was a Blue Jay, but only for a half a year. I was very young in Rice’s heyday, but I know he showed great consistancy throughout his career. I can’t wait someone actually goes into the Hall as Blue Jay.

  8. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Homer: I hope that Halladay goes in as a Blue Jay, I’m actually hoping he stays with the Jays because he has really established himself as the quintessential Blue Jays, and he’s one of those guys that I could never imagine in any other uniform


  9. rockymountainway

    Hemmingway was an amazing character and were he still alive I’d like to hear his opinion on Rickey and Rickey always talking about Rickey in the third person! Congrat on Rice too. I got the feeling you keep wathcin Pedroia and he might make a case in 12 years if he is still playing.

  10. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Tommy: I’m sure Hemingway would have a great opinion on Rice, Henderson, and perhaps baseball in general! He mentions it a little bit in “In Our Time”. I hope to see Pedroia in there eventually 🙂

    Levelboss: Thank you!


  11. Michael Thrilla

    Great blog as always!!!
    Both Rice and Henderson deserved this.
    This is looooooonnnnnggggggg over due for Rice.

  12. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Thrilla: It is long overdue! I’m glad that the Baseball writers finally realized that he deserves it. Sometimes it isn’t just stats, it’s the impact you have on the team and on the league

    Darion: Thank you! And you’re absolutely right.

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