Future Blog of the Red Sox Makes #19


Wow, I can’t believe that my blog made number nineteen among Fan Blogs. When I joined this site, I honestly did not expect to even be in the Top 100 at any time, so this is really surprising. So of course the only thing I can do is thank the people who read these, and the comments that they leave. I truly enjoy reading all of them and replying. And I love reading your blogs as well! I guess this means that I’m one of the most popular young bloggers on the site (alright ‘Burgh Blues, you’ve got me)– and the most popular young Red Sox blog on the site? But hey, Bigpapi72 is up there too! You guys are really making my dreams come true!! 

So as I was scrolling through the comments on Mark’s ‘Latest Leaders‘, I noticed that Jimmy dedicates whatever ranking he is to a player. So Jimmy, consider yourself an inspirational figure because you’ve inspired me to do the same!
Fred Lynn.jpg
I dedicate number nineteen to the great Red Sox center fielder Fred Lynn. You can see him in my ‘Best Red Sox of All Time‘ entry. 
Josh Beckett.jpg
Alright, and a quick shout out to Josh Beckett as well who also wears number nineteen. I still think that he should’ve won the Cy Young award in 2007 rather than CC Sabathia. I had this argument earlier this morning with my friend, Nick. Obviously, I won :). 
Takashi Saito.jpg
The Red Sox have truly made their bullpen one of the best in baseball. The bullpen is where the Sox struggled the most (other than injuries) last year in my opinion, and Theo has really salvaged that. We just recently picked up Takashi Saito. He’s been with the Dodgers for the past three years and has a 1.95 ERA. I love the sound of that!! The Red Sox have one of the best bullpen’s in baseball going into the 2009 season.
Justin Masterson.jpg
A couple of entries ago, ‘Levelboss’ asked me where Masterson is going to go. I think that’s one of the best questions anyone could ask about our pitching staff right now. Justin Masterson is so versatile that he could start OR be a force in the bullpen. Now that we have Smoltz probably going into a starting slot when he returns around June, we could probably have Masterson starting until then. The thing is, the Red Sox are going to have to look at Brad Penny during Spring Training to see if he’s destined for the bullpen, or the starting rotation until June. 
MLBlogs I want YOU to offer your opinions about my research paper–don’t worry it’s about baseball. 
In my death AP American History class, we have a research paper, and I’ve decided to manipulate it so I can write about baseball. Basically, we have to write about how new ‘spaces and liberties’ were created in America’s Gilded Age. Luckily, we can talk about cultural spaces as well– and baseball is one of the richest cultural ‘spaces’ in the history of America! And I think you guys have some of the best opinions and ideas out there. So, if you have any opinions or suggestions on this topic, I’d be happy to hear it! 


  1. levelboss

    Hey Nineteen.. congratulations!
    (that was a reference to a song from Steely Dan that came out long before you were born – Steely Dan is a band btw)

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Bigpapi72: You know, I would love to mention them–but sadly I am limited to America’s Gilded Age. That’s not to say that baseball isn’t rich in history then too!

    Darion: Thank you!!! That means a lot!

    Levelboss: I’m gonna have to look up Steely Dan 🙂

    Julia: Thanks, I thought it was really funny! And thanks for thinking about the paper!


  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    That is the greatest picture with the number 19 in it. Grover is amazing! Hahaha! Congrats on making the list! I wish the White Sox had an awesome bullpen like the Red Sox do. I worry for my boys, I really do. For your paper, you could talk about the formation of the Negro Leagues. The Wikipedia page has a list of books and websites for places you could actually cite.
    Good luck with your paper!

  4. Elizabeth D.

    Jen: As soon as I saw that picture I thought–I must put it in my blog!! As long as the Negro leagues are formed in the American Gilded Age, I’ll be fine. Thanks for all your help!!


  5. rockymountainway

    Well since I love history here’s my input. I believe you to be talking about the period in America where “robber barons” like Rockefeller and Carnegie were running the country with their vast business and that would be around late 1870’s to early 1890 or so. Baseball as an organized professional game was just beginning in 1876 when “clubs” formed the first National League. That same year the wild west was raging and Custer was killed at little bighorn. The ironic part about baseball at that time is it actually took away freedoms first established during the “club” era. In the mid 1880’s no sunday games or booze to be served in the park. Some parks started charging to keep the “lower class hoodlum” out and many poor who had gone to see baseball were unable! However and you can draw a parallel to the country as a whole with this one. Some ball “clubs” got together to form the American Association of Baseball CLubs and specifically served beer and played on SUnday and charged half to challenge the NL. This went back and forth but it was a microcosm of the country rich against poor! If that’s not an A paper idea I’m gonna speak with your teacher. Do your research and you’ll do fine!

  6. Elizabeth D.

    Thanks Tommy!! I’m actually really excited to write this paper. I could write about baseball for hours and hours :). Last year I had to write this awful paper on bilingual education and I had NO idea what I was talking about. But with baseball, that’s a different story.

  7. Elizabeth D.

    Thanks Kaybee! Yours is always a great read as well, with your great opinions on how to fix the Padres front office. They’d be a lot better if they listened to you!

  8. Elizabeth D.

    Hyun Young: Thanks!! Glad to hear that you enjoy it, keep up the great work with yours as well! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you in the leaders soon!

  9. xcicix

    Men had the freedom to express emotions while playing or watching. In our society, men are supposed to be stoic and not cry if they want to be manly men. But in sports, they are supposed to get really into them and be competitive. I know it’s not a whole paper or anything, but I hope it helps a little bit.

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Elizabeth … “AWESOME” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That should be 19 “exclamation marks” after the awesome, in honor of your #19 ranking on the latest Leader’s List !!! … You’re well on your way to your goal of reaching #1 on the Leader’s List !!! … Well, I feel honored that I inspired you to dedicate your ranking on the latest Leader’s List … I did see your dedication [to Fred Lynn] on the MLBlogosphere comments section [good choice], and thanks for mentioning my name !!! … Also, thanks, for the kind words in your above post … “It’s great to be an inspirational figure, inspiring you to also make a dedication in honor of your #19 ranking” !!! … I guess, I started making dedications to my rankings on the Leader’s Lists about three months ago; and, Mark always like the idea, and mentioned it on past Leader Lists comment sections … On the latest list, it just seems like a few mlbloggers: You [Elizabeth], Kaybee, Julia, Jeff, and Mark, as well as, myself [the last time I looked, this afternoon], all followed my lead, at the urging of Mark, and made a dedication in honor of their rankings !!! … And, I added some extra comments on the “dedications”, that, hopefully, will encourage other bloggers to also dedicate their rankings !!! … Like I said on the mlblogosphere, “that’s the great thing about numbers, they have special meanings to all of us, in baseball, and all areas of our lives” !!! … Anyway, I like the drawing [picture] at the top of your above post !!! … “And, the crowd wants Elizabeth to come out of the dugout for an encore; and, wait, I think, that’s her. Yes, it’s Elizabeth; and, she steps out onto the field, and the crowd gives her a loud cheer, and standing ovation” !!! … “Bravo”, “Bravo”, “Bravo” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


  11. thegoodofthegame

    Well done indeed, Elizabeth. You deserve it.
    Rockymountainway has given you a good start to your paper as have all who mentioned the formation of the negro leagues. I would also like to suggest that you mention in your essay how the young (and sometimes not-so-young) men of that era would work long hours in oil fields and mines, only to go play baseball. The guilded era was a transitional period in American history that was both difficult and wonderful at the same time. Significantly enough, however, baseball provided as sort of constant that helped us persevere.
    I would love it if you would post your research paper so we can all see the wonderful job you did.

  12. Elizabeth D.

    ‘Bringing Diamond Back(s)”: It definitely does help, thanks!!

    Jimmy: Glad to hear Rockpile Rant added us to his link list, and all day long I’ve been dedicating numbers to the Red Sox–including my locker combination!

    Scott: That’s a great idea about the oil field and mine workers who would go play baseball after work!!


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