MLB Network Request and Tim Lincecum

I was thinking about the MLB Network today as always, and I can only complain about one thing. It’s not even a complain–it’s more of a request. 

Kevin Millar.jpg
Last week, Kevin Millar was on the ‘Hot Stove Report’ for two days, and he was wearing a suit! I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who thought that I’d NEVER see Kevin Millar in a suit in my life. Anyway, so at one point in the show, they went to their field to get a hitting lesson from Kevin Millar. We all know that Kevin Millar is somewhat of a powerful guy, and with Harold Reynolds is just lobbing balls at him, without any protection.
Sure, the Under Armor outfits are snazzy, but when Harold or Magrane, or whoever are pitching to people like Kevin Millar at least need that fence thing (anyone know what it’s actually called?) to protect them. 
Harold Reynolds.jpg
And when Harold Reynolds is catching behind the plate for National League Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum, he should at least have some protection. Sure Lincecum isn’t throwing his normal speed (and don’t you just love that windup?), but all I request is a little protection. 
Imagine if something happened to dear Harold. One of my favorite analysts would be temporarily recovering in the hospital. We don’t want that to happen! 
That Millar-Pedroia interview was hilarious! My favorite part was:
Kevin Millar *after reciting the long list of Pedroia’s achievements*: And you wear my number!
Dustin: Yeah, the best part is wearing your number. I actually have a funny story about that. I was warming up one day, and this elderly lady was wearing a number 15 jersey and I thought, ‘oh, that’s sweet’. But then I looked closer as saw that it said Millar and I almost threw up! I was like: ‘That was a hundred thousand years ago’! LOL
And then there was that story where Pedroia started yelling at Millar, because Millar always yells at.. well… everyone, and Pedroia convinced the guy playing all the music to stop playing Millar’s song. Once it actually happened, Pedroia was actually screaming up at the guy from second base. Pedroia is such a character. 
Tim Lincecum.jpg
I didn’t know much about Tim Lincecum during the regular season besides the fact that he was REALLY good. But after hearing some more about him through MLB Network, and seeing his interview and pitching techniques, I’ve decided that I really like him. He’s only been in the league two years and he’s already picked up a Cy Young Award. I love young talent. In ’08 he went 18-5 with a 2.62 ERA, and his windup is so cool! And I’m sure the King of Cali can tell you more! 
Tim Lincecum 2.jpg
Apparently, he’s a pretty big part of MLB ’09 The Show (or one of those baseball games), and he had all these movement censors attached to him so that his actual windup could be incorporated into the game. I’m not too good at video games, but I’m pretty wicked when it comes to Guitar Hero. I definitely want to try out MLB ’09 The Show–Pedroia is on the cover of it!! I remember Scott wrote an article on his addiction to a baseball game a little while ago. 
Derek Lowe 2.jpg
Derek Lowe signed with the Braves. Sure, I wanted him on the Red Sox, but I knew as soon as we got Brad Penny that he wouldn’t be coming over here. I did want Lowe back because I still love him. He was so good during the ’04 post season (we’ll always remember Game 7 in our hearts) and he had that beautiful no hitter in 2002, which Jason Varitek caught. Jason Varitek is the only pitcher in history to have caught four no-hitters. Hideo Nomo in 2001, Derek Lowe in 2002, Clay Buchholz in 2007, and Jon Lester in 2008. How can we not re-sign him?? 
Alex Cora.jpg
Former Red Sox utility infielder Alex Cora signed with the Mets a few days ago. He was pretty nice to have backing up the entire infield, but his offense was always a little shaky. Still, I am concerned that we don’t have a good back up second baseman or shortstop. We have Mark Kotsay to backup first, and Kevin Youkilis can move to third if needed. Maybe what we’ll end up doing is keeping both Julio Lugo and Jed Lowrie, and having them battle out the starting shortstop position in Spring Training (ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!) and having the other one as a backup. If not, Kevin Youkilis could probably play every infield position if we really needed him too–in fact, he could probably play them all at once! 
So last night, I decided to make my status on facebook (kind of like Twitter) my blog URL. I didn’t think too many people would click on it–little did I know that people would actually read it! Normally when I see a link on facebook, I just bypass it–especially if it’s a youtube link. But I always appreciate people reading what I write :). Thank you guys so much for your support!!
I’ll be dedicating my locker combination to some Red Sox players in my next post LOL. And Tommy has inspired me to write about my autograph from last year (yeah only one lol). 


  1. kingofcali

    Tim Lincecum is the real deal. This kid is little and you would think he would be a power pitcher. He can blow it by anyone right now. He doesn’t even ice his arms after games. Never has… He is the Giants #1 prize player. Will be the Giants Ace and they will try to lock him into a long deal soon.

    ~King of Cali

  2. happyyoungster

    Tim Lincecum=freak. Actually, that’s what they call him.
    That guy is unbelievable…ever hear the story about how he was told to get lost when he arrived at the stadium? Yeah, security took one look at him and said, “you’re trespassing, this entrance is for players!”

    Wow, who’s laughing now? I’ll bet he has a few more Cy Young awards before his day his through!

    If he were only a Brewer…

  3. Elizabeth D.

    King of Cali: I hope that the Giants lock him in long term!!

    Happy: I hadn’t heard the story until now– LOL poor guy! That’s such a good story though.

    Tommy: Thank you! And I hope to have some more stories coming this year!

    Jane: After seeing the segment on him, I started paying attention to him lol. Funny part is, I didn’t hear too much about him in the regular season!


  4. hardballblog

    I think you are referring to an “L screen.” And yes, Tim Lincecum is a monster. The Braves could trade anyone besides Chipper Jones or Brian McCann and I wouldn’t care if they got Lincecum in return. He is the real deal. He is just plain nasty.

  5. xcicix

    I hate Brian McCann! He ran into Hudson and Reynolds in one game and took Hudson out for the season!
    And he did it with glee on his face!

  6. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I definitely think they need protection on the Network. You never know when the ball will go somewhere other than where it was intended. And I don’t want to see my analysts being whacked with a wild ball. I think I might be partially in love with Tim Lincecum because he’s so amazing. And because he’s a Giant, and I love the Giants. When he pitches, I get giddy like I’m five or something. He’s definitely amazing!

  7. Elizabeth D.

    Ben: You’re right, it is an L Screen!!If the Braves had Lincecum AND Lowe– that’d be SCARY!

    “Bringing Diamond Back”: I don’t like it when players play dirty–like A-Rod. I really don’t like him. I still have not forgiven him for lying about knocking the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS (eighth inning I think but I’m not sure).

    Julia: I see the deal is being finalized but I’m so excited!!!!!!! Four years of Youuuuuuuuuking!

    Bigpapi72: He really does have perfect rotation!

    Jen: I really want to see Lincecum play when I go to a Giants game next summer. And aren’t his eyes pretty as well?


  8. ohy22xd

    I saw Tim Lincecum pitch on TV several times. I can’t take my eyes off of him! He’s excellent. The perfect pitches, his dominance, funniness.. I love that guy. LOL. Well that came out all weird 🙂 Already, he is Giants’ ace. No question about it. Did you know that Lincecum is half Filipino? No joke!

  9. Elizabeth D.

    Hyun Young: LOL maybe we can just say that words can’t describe him? He’s THAT good! And the fact that he’s half Fillipino answered my question! I was wondering where Lincecum came from…

    Kaybee: I really like the segments they have at the field, breaking down the mechanics. It’s so cool! And I totally did not realize that people would actually click the link on facebook lol!


  10. raysrenegade

    Awesome blog. You have to admit, Millar still looks like he just woke up no matter what he wears or does. But he is that lunch pail kind of player people love to see play for their team. He goes to work, gets dirty and doesn’t take shortcuts, and that is why we like to see him play, even in Baltimore.

    I wish my cable provider would hurry up and get MLB Network on the listing. Joe Magrane was the Rays broadcast color commentary guy for the last 10 years, and has done Olympic play by play work during the last 2 Olympics.

    For some reason he was so much more funny and put out a lot of inside jokes while broadcasting the Rays. He is a very funny former left-handed pitcher who has a very deep amount of stories and experiences in the MLB.

    Hopefully he will get a bit more comfortable and you can see why we already miss his style and wit.

    Rays Renegade

  11. thegoodofthegame

    I think Millar wore a suit just because everyone thought he wouldn’t. If everyone expects you to be a rebel, it’s just not so ‘rebel’ anymore is it? Haha. He seems like the kind of guy who likes to surprise people, no matter what that requires, he a personal favorite.
    Is he the one who nicknamed the ’04 team a ‘bunch of idiots’? I can’t remember, they’re all idiots. But in a good way.

    P.S. Thanks for the link!

  12. thegoodofthegame

    I think Millar wore a suit just because everyone thought he wouldn’t. If everyone expects you to be a rebel, it’s just not so ‘rebel’ anymore is it? Haha. He seems like the kind of guy who likes to surprise people, no matter what that requires, he a personal favorite.
    Is he the one who nicknamed the ’04 team a ‘bunch of idiots’? I can’t remember, they’re all idiots. But in a good way.

    P.S. Thanks for the link!

  13. Elizabeth D.

    Rays Renegade: Maybe the reason that Joe is holding back a little is because it’s so chaotic behind the scenes–or so I’ve heard. I definitely want to see what he’s like when he’s relaxed though. And I hope your cable provider gets MLB Network ASAP!!

    Scott: Millar is full of surprises isn’t he? He probably did nickname the team a bunch of idiots– they were the best idiots though!!


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