Youkin’ for four more years! & Autograph Stories

The thing about blogging is everyone reports on articles that other people have already written. I’ve slowly been realizing that, but Rockpile Rant had a blog a few days ago about it. The cool things about blogs though, is that you can incorporate your opinion into it any way you want. When I write these, it’s pretty much like I’m thinking aloud. 

Mark posted an entry yesterday about journalism, and I learned a lot! A few weeks ago, I was e-mailing Tommy over at Rocky Mountain Way and he gave me some great tips about journalism. Unfortunately, as of late, I’ve heard that journalism is “a dying art”. Newspapers are going out of business, or they’re “in cahoots” with other newspapers. It seems like blogging is the next big thing. Tomorrow, I’m going to get an AP Stylebook, and I’m going to start incorporating some of the tips into my blogs, and articles for MLB Center
Kevin Youkilis 3.jpg
It looks like the Red Sox will be Youuuuuuuuuuking for another four years, and my mother will keep asking me why they’re booing a Red Sox player for the next four years. I think that this is a great deal. Youk finished third in the MVP voting, and has established himself as the true rock of the Red Sox. He can pretty much do anything, play anywhere, hit anywhere in the order, you name it! He definitely takes the game really seriously as well– he’ll knock over water coolers just because he strikes out. It’s okay Youk, we’ll work on that. Mazeltov buddy, I know you’re Jewish.
Jason Varitek 3.jpg
UPDATE!!!!!!!!! A Hot Stove Report literally just came out–Jason Varitek and the Red Sox are to meet tonight. I knew we were still interested in him! The Sox know how important he is, and don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about it AGAIN. Thank God Scott Boras won’t be there, he’s screwed the Red Sox over a few times:
1. He told Jason Varitek to decline arbitration. No team has made him an offer yet, and he could potentially be making less money now. Bad mistake on your part Borass! 
2. He screwed the Red Sox in the Mark Teixeira deal. Not that I wanted Mark or anything, but still, I’m not one for shady dealings. 
One thing I love about MLBlogs is that it’s full of inspirational characters. In fact, pretty much every one of you has inspired me in one way or another. Yesterday, Tommy inspired me to write about my very first autograph. He had a great entry on his blog if you haven’t seen it. 
Believe it or not, I got my first autograph last year. It was at a Spring Training game (Red Sox vs Reds) and we started talking with this lady, Helen. She was really nice!! She showed me all of her cool Red Sox artifacts like autographed balls, and pictures and what not. So she offered to take me and my father down to the players parking lot after the game. A couple of fans go down there after games and just hang around outside the fence and try and stop players.
So we went after the game, and most of the players didn’t stop. Big Papi drove away in his nice black Escalade truck with shaded windows, Pedroia drove away in a Volvo, and Terry Francona drove out in a silver truck (I think). Then another car was about to pull out, Jed Lowrie. I barely knew who he was back then, but I had read about him in the program. I recognized him and started screaming his name. Then, I ran out into the middle of the street (it wasn’t busy) and he stopped! I was the first in line, and he rolled down his window and autographed a ball for me! It was so nice!! I was so happy when he came up from Triple AAA Pawtucket because not only did I predict that he would, but I could tell everyone: “He signed my ball!!”
One more cool story though, this is one of my favorites. I was at a Red Sox vs Orioles game, and I forced my friend Marissa to go two hours early. My friend Marissa’s uncle has these incredible seats. Seven rows behind the Red Sox batting box!!! So around fifteen minutes before the game, Julio Lugo and Mike Lowell are warming up right near the batter’s box. So my friend and I are screaming Julio’s name at the top of our lungs because he’s the closest. He smiled at us! Then, after he was finished throwing, we screamed his name again and then he pointed at us, and threw the ball right to us! Alright, and the embarrassing part of this story is that I started to… tear up a little bit (okay more than a little bit) because I was so happy.
And with this whole dedicating numbers business going around, I’ve decided to dedicate my locker, and combination to the Red Sox.
Joe Cronin.jpg
The locker number is 483 so I dedicate the four to Joe Cronin. Julia has some great background information on him in her blog.
Carl Yastrzemski.jpeg
I dedicate the 8 to the great captain Carl Yastrzemski
Jimmie Foxx.jpg
And I dedicate the 3 to another captain, Jimmie Foxx
And the locker combination is dedicated to…
First number: JD Drew, Trot Nixon and Dom Dimaggio (I had to mention all three of them!)
Second number: To another Red Sox captain, Jason Varitek–may you sign with us tonight!! I swear if when he signs with us, I’ll probably throw a party
Third number: Fred Lynn and Josh Beckett, as I did my ranking. 
And lastly, a shout out to another one of my best friends, Emma. Emma is one of my friends who doesn’t even like baseball, but reads my blog, which means the world to me. 


  1. juliasrants

    Slow deep breaths – The Red Sox and Tek are talking…..The Red Sox and Tek are talking!!!!! I think I’m going to go broke sending Theo fruit baskets! Thanks for the link to your articles on MLB Center – I’ve bookmarked the site!


  2. rockymountainway

    Shout out to Emma! Don’t give up on journalism just yet you! Yes newspapers are having to adapt to a new environment but those same newspaper people are writing the same pieces just putting them on the internet. There will always be mechanics and plumbers and for that matter journalists! Learning one method should not stop you from appreciating another. It’s like go ahead learn street slang and ebonics and texting lingo but don’t shy away from proper format knowledge too! Whew, I’m glad I inspired your autograph memories but don’t go getting hit by any cars! Great stories too.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    glad you guys are re-signing your players, or talking with them at least.. it just wouldn’t be the same rivalry without those same core players on each side. i’m looking forward to that rivalry especially this year.
    mlblogs is pretty awesome in the connections and inspiration as you said. i still haven’t gotten an autograph yet.. i’m way too lazy to beat all the other people pining for one lolz.. but i may actually make an effort this season, we’ll see 🙂
    V –

  4. xcicix

    Dom DiMaggio had 2 brothers in the majors (you probably already knew that), and there’s this great picture of all three of them together when they were (on different teams) all in the majors together. I’m not sure where to find it though.
    JD Drew also had/has 2 brothers in the majors. Again, not sure why I’m pointing this out to you as you probably also already know this. But sadly the Drew brothers did not all play in the majors at once…that would have been cool.
    And I totally support your journalism dream…I recently decided I was going to be a sportswriter, so we’re sort of in the same boat. And I read somewhere that the New York Times might be going bankrupt. I hope it’s just a rumor. But you’re already a good blogger, and journalism and sports blogging are kind of similar except journalism is more structured, so your dream isn’t out of reach at all!
    And Scott Boras screws everyone over. He’s one person I love to hate.

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Julia: I’m so excited!!! I have brownies on stand by!!

    Tommy: I won’t give up on journalism! I promise!!!!! I will definitely try and not to get hit by cars 🙂

    Vanessa: Good luck getting an autograph next year, they’re so hard to get! I just got lucky that time lol. Can’t wait for the rivalry!

    Diamondback: I love the whole brothers in baseball thing– I like the connections between Dimaggio and Drew. Brothers, right fielders… last names beginning with D (okay, that was lame).

    Bigpapi: Don’t ever tear down that poster unless he goes to the Yankees! If he comes back, I’m making brownies!!


  6. xcicix

    Yeah, there are a lot of brother pairs in baseball, but not a lot of triumvirates. Although all of the DiMaggio brothers played outfield, none of the Drews play remotely the same position (JD in right, Stephen at short, Tim was a pitcher)…I can’t think of any other families with 3 brothers in the majors except the Alous.
    Why do those guys in your class talk about Damon anyway? He’s one of the worst center fielders I’ve seen play. He’s made maybe 3 catches in the 10 or 15 chances I’ve seen. If they want to brag about something, brag about how much money they want. They get the new stadium from the city lease-free, and spent more money than the D-Backs do total on their free agent conquests this off-season. And they need 4 billion more dollars to finish the new stadium with less seats than the old one. not to mention, there was nothing wrong with the old one. It seemed to need a few renovations, but it wasn’t completely horrible. The Steinbrenners are really too much…
    I like your blog too, it’s really funny and I love how passionate you are about your team!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Your stories remind me so much of myself when I was your age (jeez, that makes me sound ancient). When I was in high school, my friend and I used to tell our parents we were going to the library and instead drive (she had a car) to the Bronx to Yankee Stadium. We’d get there two hours early and stand by the railing calling out to the players hoping they’d notice us. There wasn’t any security in those days so it was easier. So much fun. I hope you guys re-sign Varitek since you really want him back. I do have to agree with Diamondback: Boras is an equal opportunity screwer!

  8. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Diamondback: Thanks :D. And the Yankee Stadium was built in 1923… sure it was old but it’s not like it was falling apart. It seems kind of unnecessary like you said. Plus, I didn’t get to go to the old one. The reason that they’re so obsessed with Johnny Damon is because he was my absolute favorite player when he was on the Red Sox. I loved everything about him and pretty much worshipped him. And when he was traded to the Yankees… well… I’m not allowed to forget it :(.

    Jane: My friend and I were THIS close to driving up to Tampa for Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS… but we didn’t have enough time to get our stuff before my parents got back… plus we had no money.


  9. iliveforthis

    I love Kevin Youklis. His batting stance always cracks me up. And I definitely read about Varitek meeting with the Red Sox tonight. I was totally stoked. The man is completely a born leader, phenomenal with the game, and can only be pictured wearing a Red Sox jersey. I hope they keep him. I definitely don’t have an autographed ball, but for the last home game at Coors Field, the players walk around and throw things out and I yelled out Ryan Speier’s name and he threw me some rally towels. I was definitely more excited than I should have been. I also teared up when I watched the movie Miracle (about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team), so… ya know, I definitely get that.

  10. ohy22xd

    Youklis is a GREAT guy. I think it’s a good deal too. You are soo lucky that you got an autograph! I don’t have any 😦 Someday, I would like to get at least one autograph. Overall, great entry! It’s original and creative 🙂

  11. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Emily: His batting stance is great!! That’s so cool that you got one of the rally towels from Ryan Speier’s name! I love yelling at players

    Hyun Young: I really do consider myself lucky to have an autograph… I think it’s a lot harder than people make it out to be. I hope you get one in the very near future!


  12. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    The signing of Kevin Youkilis by the Red Sox was a great move, just like their signing of Dustin Pedroia … That seems to be the trend in baseball — teams signing their superstar young players to long-term deals at a cost “less” than what they would get when they become free-agents !!! … Also, it keeps the Yankees / Red Sox rivalry more interesting when both teams have great players in their lineups !!! … But, then again, the “rivalry” will always be interesting no matter what players are on each teams roster !!! … It’s also good news for Boston fans that owner John Henry will be meeting with Jason Varitek [one-on-one] … When Henry was asked, “what is the status of the relationship with Scott Boras?”, on the MLB Hot Stove program, Henry responded, “what relationship?”; and, then said, “Maybe I shouldn’t comment on that” !!! … So, that says a lot about what’s going on between the Red Sox and Scott Boras !!! … But, in the end, I do think the Sox will sign Varitek, because he does mean a lot to the team; and, there just are not many other catching options on the free-agent market for Boston to sign at this late date !!! … I liked your autograph stories; but, please, avoid running into the middle of streets to get these autographs !!! … I was [lol] at that story; and, you did get the autograph, safe and sound, which did make for a great story; but, maybe, staying on the sidewalk is a better idea in the future autograph seeking sessions !!! … All your dedications [#3; #4; and #8] are great choices … But, keep the dedication that you will make in honor of #1, a surprise, for when you reach the top of the mlblogs “Leader’s List” !!! … And, finally, Elizabeth, I think it’s great that you mentioned [on the above post] the support your friend Emma has given you; and, also, on a past post, the support your friend Steph has also given you !!! … Maybe, you can dedicate some future post to both of them ??? … That’s what it’s all about: “the support and encouragement from good friends” !!! … “Nice Post” … Jimmy [27NYY]

  13. xcicix

    Yeah, the old Yankee Stadium was great. It sucks that you didn’t get to go there. There really were all the ghosts of Yankees past…I’m a huge Scott Brosius fan, and when I went there I could sort of feel something over third base that was NOT A-Rod. That really sucks that they all hate the Sox and are mean about the whole Damon thing. Some Yankees fans can never seem to let go of the past…but it’s funny how they don’t mention the fact that Damon was way better when he was with you guys than he is now. I hope that makes you feel better…

  14. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Steve: One or two years would be fine for me. I just want him to retire in a Red Sox uniform

    Jimmy: The Red Sox vs Yankee rivalry will always be huge and rich with history no matter who the players are. That’s so funny (and kind of scary) that Henry pretty much hates Scott Boras. I hope that doesn’t get in the way of us signing Varitek. Thankfully there is mutual interest. And I will keep my number one dedication a surprise :).

    Diamondback: I’m sure there were all the ghosts from the Yankees past! I really dislike A-Rod. And it does make me feel better!

    King Yankes: I’m glad that we got Youk at such a bargain but you’re right–he might be really expensive his contract expires!


  15. xcicix

    Yay, I’m glad you feel better. I dislike A-Rod, too…but I hate the Yankees because of what they did to Brosius. He was good, but he knew he was going to retire after 2001 because the Yanks told him, “Btw we are training your replacement–Drew Henson!” Drew Henson was horrible in MLB and in the NFL. But he got so much money out of it…
    And my favorite player of all time retired from baseball when he probably had a few good years left.
    But the feeling in that stadium really was magical.
    The Steinbrenners know absolutely nothing.

  16. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Kaybee: Or maybe we can reform it and be the ones to bring it back (along with Diamondbacks… she wants to do it too!!!).

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