How Would You Define a MLBlog?

Blog: (As defined by the dictionary on my computer’s dashboard) A website on which an individual or group of users produces an ongoing narrative.

Blog: (As defined by the trashy URBAN DICTIONARY): A meandering, blatantly, uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic, life. 
Okay, maybe some blogs are like that, but I think we do it a little differently over here at MLBlogs. There may be the occasional paragraph dedicated to our personal lives (which I honestly find interesting), but for the most part, our blogs center on how our personal lives are affected. 
Then, I looked up ‘MLBlog’ on urban dictionary, and they didn’t have a definition… yet. So, I was about to add a definition when I decided to ask you guys to help me define it. So, how would you define a ‘MLBlog’?
Jason Varitek 4.jpg
As you all know, the one thing that I’ve wanted throughout this entire offseason is for the Red Sox to re-sign Jason Varitek. Theo got a little distracted when he decided to make our bullpen one of the best in baseball (if not the best), but that’s alright, it’s for the good of the team after all. 
Then again, so is Varitek. Apparently he and John Henry met one-on-one for an hour and a half. I’m pretty sure they weren’t looking to negotiate a contract, but maybe to start talking about next year.
There’s some pretty good news coming out of this meeting. 
1. Jason Varitek wants to come back to play for the Red Sox, and Theo and the Red Sox want to bring Jason Varitek back. Too bad Varitek’s agent is the epitome of all evil, Scott Boars.
Scott Boras.jpg
2. Scott Boras wasn’t at the meeting! John Henry doesn’t like Scott Boras very much, with good reason of course. 
Agent Smith.jpg
In ‘The Matrix’, we are taught to avoid agents, and run away from them. If I saw Scott Boras, I would probably run in the opposite direction. Agent Smith was defeated in ‘The Matrix’, so metaphorically speaking, maybe Scott Boras will be defeated. Neo rhymes with Theo right?
Agent Smith and Neo.jpg
Jonathan Papelbon 2.jpg
Papelbon filed for arbitration recently. We were getting him at SUCH a discount, I’m sure he’ll be making more money next year. I’d love to sign him for a long term contract though. 
Jason Bay 2.jpg
Speaking of long term contracts, wouldn’t it be nice to lock up Jason Bay for a few more years as well? The free agent market for left fielders isn’t that great (Manny does not count since the chances he’s returning to Boston are basically zero).
Cole Hamels 1.jpg
In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that I really like Tim Lincecum. Another National League pitcher that I really like is Cole Hamels. Hamels just signed a three year deal with the Philles. I’m sure Phillies fans are happy about that, after all, he was their World Series MVP. I’m sure he’ll be a candidate for a Cy Young Award in the near future.
Cole Hamles 2.jpg
And he’s cute too 🙂
In my American Lit class, we learned a little about Ernest Hemingway. One of the most interesting things about him, in my opinion, was that it was his life’s goal to write one true sentence. So besides defining a MLBlog, if you could write one true sentence… what would it be? 


  1. juliasrants

    Get those brownies in the ready Elizabeth – I have a gut feeling that Varitek will be wrapped up by Wednesday. Good question – what is an MLBlog? I think I look at it as a community of like minds who discuss and debate all things baseball and its impact on our lives and the community as a whole. And one true sentence….. “The greatest joy in my life is waking in the morning, sun streaming in the window, and knowing that I have a loving family to face the challenges, obstacles and rewards of the day ahead.” Okay – how did I do Elizabeth?


  2. xcicix

    Excellent comparison! Scott Boras is exactly like Agent Smith…though hopefully Theo/Neo won’t have to die and come back to life first…I would pay lots of money to see him make Boras burst into a million little pieces.
    What are you going to do with two closers? Papelbon and Saito are both amazing…
    An MLBlog is an MLB-sponsored webpage devoted to life, baseball, and the pursuit of a world series ring. Anyone can write one. The requirements are a love of baseball, and a willingness to debate over it.
    Hemingway-have you read the short story “Indian Camp”? It’s amazing. It’s very sad, but extremely well-written. A true sentence…hmm…In Manhattan there is a North End Avenue, which is somewhere in the southern region of the island.

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I don’t think I could define a single MLBlog. We’re all so different that there’s no way to define it other than adding something about baseball to the dictionary definition. However, if you were to add a definition of MLBlogs (plural), I’d say MLBlogs are “a community of high knowledgable and skilled baseball fans who discuss and debate the sport with a passion not known elsewhere.” That sounds like the people I know here! Boras looks like he’s being strangled by his turtleneck in that picture. I’d pay the turtleneck to do it! And my true sentence is: If you don’t tell someone you love them, you may never get the chance because life is short. (I unfortunately had that experience, and I’ll never forgive myself for not saying it.)

  4. Elizabeth D.

    Julia: By Wednesday?! That sounds great!!! And I love the sentence Julia, we should all wake up on the right side of the bed like you!

    Diamondback: I’m pretty sure we’ll keep Pap as the closer and maybe use Saito as a setup man. We could also use Saito as a closer if Pap is overworked and vice versa. Very flexible situation. And nice sentence lol.


  5. xcicix

    Yeah, the people who named the streets in New York were obviously insane. There is no River on River Avenue (but apparantly there used to be a canal on Canal Street)…and that’s just the beginning.
    Good idea with switching off Papelbon and Saito…it makes me wish the D-Backs had 2 closers…

  6. jimmy27nyy


    Well, you have given all of us an interesting assignment. So, the following is: “My definition of a MLBlog”; and, “My one true sentence” !!! …… I define a MLBlog as: …… “A Major League web site community of dedicated and passionate baseball and sports fans who express their thoughts, comments, ideas, and opinions, through their writings on blogs, on the great American Pastime, the game of Baseball.” My one true sentence is: “When all else fails ‘pray to God’, as He has all the answers.” Elizabeth, thanks for inspiring us to give thoughtful reflection on these questions !!! Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …

  7. Elizabeth D.

    Bigpapi72: Great definition and I really hope we can get Jason Bay to a long term deal to avoid the uncertain woes of free agency. He really adds a lot to the clubhouse.

    Jimmy: I love the definition, and the sentence as well. I think we should all follow that because he does have all the answers. God will always be there, and baseball is God’s greatest gift, because it will always be there as well.


  8. ohy22xd

    For me, MLBlogs is “A community where passionte fans gather around and share great thoughts with others about their favorite sport, baseball.”And my one true sentence: “Realizing you can’t do everything you want, makes you realize grasping what you have now is enough.” Do you like it? 🙂

  9. Jane Heller

    The definition of MLBlogs. Hmm. I think it’s “an online community of people of different ages, genders, geographies, ethnicities, political persuasions, senses of humor and views of the world whose common denominator is their love of baseball.” Whew. Does that work? I’m still thinking about my one true sentence. Just one? Yikes.

  10. rosehof14

    I’m sticking with “A community of passionate MLB fans conveying their views about the sport they love.”

    And as a reply to something you wrote on my blog. You help me get ahead of the shoe blog, and I’ll back you all the way in return.

    Keep up the good work!


  11. iliveforthis

    I love the definition of a blog from Urban Dictionary. I use that thing all the time, but I never looked up the definition of a blog, and now that I know it, it’s hilarious. The Red Sox being my second favorite team, I’m really hoping they lock up Varitek, I mean, c’mon, the Red Sox without Jason Varitek? We’re still on Earth, right? Anyway, if I saw Scott Boras, I would hope that I would have time to think up an elaborate scheme on how to trip him or something, then I would blog about how I tripped Scott Boras and hilarity ensued. Also, I love Tim Lincecum and Cole Hamels, they are really good pitchers. As for a definition, I have no idea, my thoughts are always so discombobulated (I’m excited I just used that word) that I couldn’t wrap it up into a sentence, but I hope people provide you with a good definition!

  12. Elizabeth D.

    Kaybee: Thanks for the definition, and you know I’m rooting for Papelbon’s return as well! He’s such a funny guy too!

    Emily: The Red Sox without Jason Varitek is unimaginable. And I hope you do see Scott Boras one day so you can blog about how you tripped him! LOL!


  13. happyyoungster

    Happy’s definition of MLBlog=an online gathering of equally eccentric and enthusiastic fans of our great game with the main objective focusing on the spread of that passion to all fans alike; old/young, man/woman/child, etc. regardless of team devotion.

  14. raysrenegade

    The era of the blog is just beginning to take a foothold into our minds and personal space. No other time in the existance of man has a few written words meant so little or so much depending on the person reading the blog.

    The power of this written word has transformed normal journalists into blog-writers like us, but they still have to guard their fiends and sacrifice their enemies.

    A blog has no agenda or hidden motive to hurt or harm another club or person. But a single letter or paragraph can change the way a read can think about a event, a player or even a team. Bloggers have more power to insult, dig up scrap information, and also inform the general public on things that normal papers do not have the space or time to commit to daily. Sometimes a blog can bring about an issue that most people would never know except for the blog entry.

    Use the power with intelligence and you can have the world at your feet someday.

    Rays Renegade


  15. Elizabeth D.

    Rays Renegade: You’re absolutely right. A blog can mean different things to different people, just like great works of literature. The important thing is, like Mark said in his entry on journalism, that we don’t write for other people, we write for ourselves. Writing is such a beautiful thing isn’t it?


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