An Ode to the Unsigned

It’s already January 24, and there are still so many un-signed free agents out there. The market has been so terrible this year, that these players are going to have to settle for less than they’re worth. I’d be willing to bet that all of Scott Boras’ clients regret signing with him. The fact that a lot of them aren’t signed yet is his fault. As an agent, he should be able to see that accepting arbitration is their best bet! 

Orlando Cabrera.jpg
Orlando Cabrera hasn’t signed anywhere and he’s an above average shortstop. His batting average has never been astounding but he’s a pretty good fielder! 
Sean Casey 2.jpg
Sean Casey, the winner of the “Good Guy Award” hasn’t been signed either. He’d be a great presence to have in the clubhouse and would bring some handy veteran experience. If no one signs him, he plans on retiring. 
Joe Crede.jpg
Joe Crede hasn’t signed anywhere yet either, but I’m pretty sure that Jen wants him back. After all, he has played his entire career with the Chicago White Sox.
Adam Dunn.jpg
Adam Dunn has yet to sign anywhere, and if people are so concerned with strikeouts, then why is Ryan Howard asking for $18 million in arbitration? I understand that Ryan Howard is more powerful, but Adam Dunn could be a great DH for someone who is lacking in the power department.
Nomar Garciaparra.jpg
Nomar Garciaparra (uh oh, call Tommy, I need support!!!) has not signed anywhere either. I know he has injuries but the Indians didn’t hesitate to sign Carl Pavano. The Red Sox signed Rocco Baldelli and he’s had more of an injury history than Nomar. It looks like the Phillies are interested in him though. (We’re sorry Nomah!!!). 
Ken Griffey Jr. .jpg
No one has signed Ken Griffey Jr. and that guy is incredible. If you’ve seen MLB Network’s Baseball Seasons 1995, then you know what I mean. I know he’s getting old but, it’s Ken Griffey Jr.!!! I think it’d be great if he ended his career with Seattle. 

Pedro Martinez.jpg

Pedro Martinez hasn’t signed with anyone, and I know his talent has been dwindling away, but he could be one of those low risk high reward pickups for a team. Plus he had arguably one of the best seasons ever in 1999. 
Kevin Millar 3.jpg
Kevin Millar (calling Tommy again) is also unsigned. Who doesn’t want this guy in their clubhouse? I would’ve taken him over Kotsay just so he and Pedroia could argue over 15. 
Andy Petite 2.jpg
Andy Petite hasn’t signed anywhere yet. I know he didn’t have his best season with the Yankees but it’s not like he’s a terrible pitcher. Not that I want him on the Red Sox by any means…
Manny Ramirez 5.jpg
Manny Ramirez–Manny frikin Ramirez hasn’t signed with anyone yet! The future HOF star, the most feared right handed hitter in the game. It’s his own fault though, knowing Manny, no one is going to want to offer him four years. He’s just going to have to accept lower than what he wants like everyone else. You may be good Manny, but you’re not God’s gift to the baseball world. 
Ivan Rodriguez 2.jpg
Ivan Rodriguez hasn’t signed anywhere! Has he even received an offer? I think not. I know he’s not the guy that he used to be, but he’s still a great catcher. He could be facing the fate of signing a minor league deal. A minor league deal!!! That’s outrageous. 
Curt Schilling 3.jpg
Curt Schilling hasn’t signed anywhere, but I really think that he should retire. He’s definitely not going to be the same pitcher he used to be, and I don’t know if anyone is going to want to sign him so he can pitch half of a season. He’s all for signing Jason Varitek though. *Hint, hint Theo*
Ben Sheets.jpg
It really surprises me that no one has signed Ben Sheets yet. If the Yankees pursued AJ Burnett without hesitation, then I don’t see why Ben Sheets is such a big deal. 
Jason Varitek 5.jpg
If you didn’t know already, Jason Varitek hasn’t signed yet. There’s an offer on the table for this. I have some advice for him on this one: DO NOT CONSULT SCOTT BORAS. Scott Boras is a life ruiner, it’s as simple as that. 
Jeff Kent.jpg
A couple of free agents have retired, the most recent being Jeff Kent. I’d be willing to bet ten bucks that Caroline absolutely hates him. The fact of the matter is though, that he’s one of the best second basemen to ever play the game. I like that he retired on his own terms. I teared up a little bit during the speech, I think he was a great guy. 
Which hat do you think he’ll wear into the Hall? 
By the way, I’m guilty as charged for watching MLB Network all day. I couldn’t help myself!!


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Orlando Cabrera irritates the crap out of me. I hope he signs somewhere in the National League so I don’t have to see him. After all of his arrogance this past season on the Sox, I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with him, even though his defense is rather good. CREDE! Oh my Joey. Call Tom. We need another meeting. I’d LOVE to have Crede back, but with his back problems, I don’t know who will sign him. I blame this on Scott Boras. I LOVE NOMAAAAH! Someone needs to sign him so I can watch him play. 🙂 I’d love to have Griffey back with the White Sox this season, but if this is his last season, he should retire with Seattle. If Ivan Rodriguez is willing to take a backup role, I think he’d be good with the White Sox. I think Kent goes in as a Giant. He went to the World Series with them and spent the most time there.

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Kathy: Albert Pujols is one of the most feared hitters in the game, he and Manny both are terrifying. Can you imagine having Pujols and Manny on the same team?

    Bob: I like you and Kathy’s idea! This could be very interesting 🙂

    Jen: LOL to your whole Orlando Cabrera speech!! As soon as I read ‘Orlando Cabrera irritates the living crap out of me’ I was in hysterics the rest of the comment. Can we blame Scott Boras for all of our misfortunes please? Nomah is awesome, and Rodriguez would be a great backup catcher for the White Sox. Low risk, big rewards!!


  3. flairforthedramatic

    It’s been one hell of an off-season for free agents this year. Guys like CC and AJ got huge paychecks, but other than them all other guys have had to settle for less, which isn’t even bad considering its still millions, but that’s beside the point. Obviously the bad economy is hitting every sector. It’s almost funny to see that the guys on the free agent market could make their own All-Star team, and yet haven’t signed a deal with only a month and change till Spring Training.
    – V [ ]

  4. xcicix

    Manny’s a better hitter than Pujols. Manny was with the Dodgers for half a season and made them win the division. Pujols was with the Cards the whole season and they didn’t win the division.
    And you would win the bet, Elizabeth–I hate almost everyone who ever played in a Dodger uniform!!!!! Especially the really good players!

  5. iliveforthis

    I may be making this up, I make things up all the time and present them as fact, but I think I heard that only 71 free agents were signed after the winter meetings out of the like… 270 that were available or something. There are a lot of free agents out there who I like: Adam Dunn, Kevin Millar, Curt Schilling, Nomar, among others… not ManRam, I could care less about him. As for PEdro Martinez, I feel like his age is getting up there, and his playing reflects it.

  6. juliasrants

    In the case of Sean Casey – for him the issue isn’t money. He wants more playing time or he isn’t going to uproot his family. He actually seems okay with retiring. Manny, Tek, Pedro…I am just shocked! And you had to bring up Millar didn’t you! (Tom – we need a group meeting!) I agree with Kathy & Tom – let’s start our own team! It would be great – we get to make the rules & NO SCOTT BORAS!!!


  7. Elizabeth D.

    Vanessa: It’s ridiculous that if all these guys were on one team, the team wouldn’t be half bad (except for the excessive lack of pitchers). This terrible economy is coming at the worst time, what are these poor guys going to do?

    Caroline: It’s interesting how as soon as Manny went to the Dodgers they went straight to the post season. One guy can’t carry the entire team on his back though. World Series are about team work.

    Hyun Young: Let’s just sign ’em and play! I want baseball!!!!

    Julia: Sorry about Millar, we just have to *sniffle, and wipes away tear* get through it. We’ll be laughing when he’s an analyst on MLB Network someday. If we’re the front office of this team, I think we’d get things done pretty quick!


  8. Jane Heller

    Teams are trying to get younger, and the free agents still out there aren’t, well, young. Should Griffey end his career with the Mariners? It would be great. Will Ivan Rodriguez be in the HOF? Yup. And, although you’re not interested in him for the Red Sox, Elizabeth, I’d take Andy Pettitte back in a heartbeat. Let’s hope all these guys find good homes. (I sound like I’m talking about pets!)

  9. Erin Kathleen

    I really don’t understand the Red Sox hesitation to re-sign Tek, as long as he isn’t asking for too much. Yes, his bat was terrible last season, but he’ll probably rebound and it seems like the pitching staff trusts and respects him. That isn’t something you really want to mess with.

    I know the Twins were interested in Joe Crede, but FieldTurf + bad back = probable waste of money for a team that doesn’t really have any. Actually, that’s probably the case for most of the FAs on your list. Most of them are at least 30 (some are even pushing 40), have suffered injuries or are otherwise declining, and are much more expensive than younger (and probably more talented) players.

  10. rosehof14

    Dunn needs to get off his high horse and reduce is salary dreams, he’s a guy who has only one purpose and the rest of his baseball ability isn’t too hot.
    Griffey no matter how much I love to see him play needs to retire. Enjoy the money he’s got, decide if he still loves the game and if he does find some other way to contribute to it. Announcing, batting coach, teaching little league…doesn’t matter me. He needs to go while most of us still like him.


  11. Elizabeth D.

    Jane: I think Andy Petite should sign with the Yankees. I don’t blame teams for trying to get younger, it’s just scar how some of these free agents might have to settle for minor league deals.

    Erin: That’s the exact reason why no one is signing them. The way I see it though, they’re low risk, high reward deals. I don’t even know if anyone has made Joe Crede an offer yet.

    COB: I think Ken Griffey Jr. still has one more year in him. I think he should end where he began, the Mariners. But I’d love to see him staying with baseball. I think he’d make a great announcer or batting coach.


  12. welikeroywelikeroy

    Funny how there is not a lot of respect for Kent, but he has definately had a fine career. I wonder how much Manny is going to have to settle for as this plays out. Usually big free agents aquisition like him go early – as teams realize how big of an investment they are making.

  13. Elizabeth D.

    Homer: I think the deal with Manny is because of how he left the Red Sox. Plus, he’s asking for four years and no one wants to give him that because they know if he gets tired of playing in say, LA, he’ll stop trying. He’ll have to settle for two years. By now, his best bet is the Dodgers.


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