Someone give Jason a Sign!!

Fenway Park Sign.JPG

Tomorrow is Friday, which means that we will finally know whether Jason Varitek will be returning. My endless crusade for his return for the past three months will finally come to an end. You have heard from me countless times about his intangible impact on the pitching staff and what not, but this weekend be prepared to hear something new. I hope that tomorrow evening [presumably], I will be posting a celebratory entry, with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks, and Jason Varitek brownies will be cooking in the oven. 

I will be waiting for that fateful text message from my father all day, and I don’t think my peers will be surprised if I let out a scream during class when I find out the news. My phone will probably be taken away and I will be issued a detention, but it is well worth it to know the news immediately and be relieved for the next year (or two). 
Michael Bowden.jpg
When this situation is finally figured out, I think the future of Clay Buchholz will be more clear as well. Julia commented yesterday that she thinks that Clay will be traded to the Texas Rangers for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Like I said before, I would be a bit concerned if this happened because Smoltz and Penny are only one year deals, but seeing that we have a whole year with them, Michael Bowden could be developed in the minor leagues. 
Mike Lowell 3.jpg
If you haven’t already heard, Mike Lowell will not be playing in the World Baseball Classic. The fact of the matter is that he is coming off an offseason full of rehab and we don’t want to inhibit his potential to start on Opening Day. I want him to play during Spring Training and I want him to be perfectly healthy for the 2009 season. I’m pretty sure he was injured throughout the 2005 season when he was with the Marlins and he really bounced back from that. He’s only 34, there’s no reason that he can’t bounce back again. Chase Utley had a hip problem and he’s ready to go as he said in an interview on the Hot Stove Report. Maybe Mike Lowell should be up there as well. 
Jason Bay 3.jpg
I’m I am (learning from the J-Blog school) wondering if the Red Sox still have the chance to lock up some key players to some long term deals. I would like to get one done with Jason Bay. As far as I know, the free agent market for left fielders isn’t going to be too great next year and I’ve really come to like Jason Bay. As of right now, I don’t think that Papelbon will get locked up long term because even he hinted that “they don’t see eye to eye on that”. I would not mind waiting until next year to lock Papelbon up. 
Jacoby Ellsbury.jpg
I also think that depending on how Jacoby Ellsbury does in 2009 that the Red Sox should look long term to him as well. By trading Coco Crisp to the Royals as one of the first moves of the offseason, it was implied that Ellsbury is the future center fielder of the Red Sox. 
Once again, I had a conversation with the dedicated Cubs fan and asked him about Jake Peavy. 
William [Cubs fan]: I would love to acquire Jake Peavy if the Cubs don’t have to give up too much talent. 
(I don’t even need to interview Kaybee for this one). 
Me: You said yesterday that you liked Ricketts over Steinbrenner. I thought you liked the Yankees. 
William: Well, I have a lot of respect for the Yankees, but the Cubs are truly my favorite team. 
William also plans on reading Torre’s book. I’m going to tell him to pick up Jane’s while he added. 
World Baseball Classic.jpg
I was scrolling through the impressive World Baseball Classic roster and not only did I notice the Red Sox names, but I noticed the abundance of star players on the Dominican Republic’s team. Looks like they’re going to be unstoppable. Seeing that a few games are being played in Miami at the Marlins’ stadium (sadly called Dolphin Stadium), I will be trying to attend. 
I outlined the games that I am planning on attending in Florida for the upcoming season because I don’t know when I will be making my pilgrimage to Fenway. Spring Training games are obviously up there as well as a few Rays vs Red Sox series and a couple of Marlins games. I am wondering if any of you will be making the trip down to Florida for Spring Training. Let me know, I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. juliasrants

    Elizabeth – did you hear the latest buzz? Jason might retire instead of taking a 2 year contract? What the heck does that mean???? My candles are lite on my shrine to all things Red Sox. Jason – dear Captain – JUST SIGN ALREADY!!!!!


  2. Lissi

    Oh dear. This Varitek stuff is all very dramatic! I am sure Red Sox fans can’t wait for it to be over. I can’t and I’m not even a Red Sox fan!
    You are so lucky that the WBC is being payed somewhere close to you. I want to go so bad! But I can’t!
    I agree with you about Ellsbury. The Red Sox need to lock him up fast if he continues his success next year.
    BTW Loved reading about the cell phone dilemma in high school. It brought back a lot of memories. Ahhhh… high school.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Julia: ARE YOU KIDDING??? What is all of this?? All of these rumors? I’m stressing so much!

    Lissi: It will be over tomorrow, hopefully for the better! They’re overly touchy about the phones right?


  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    Finally, the Red Sox re-signed Jason Varitek !!! … Well, just like with Andy Pettitte, this deal should have been completed a long time ago … But, it was a great move by the Red Sox !!! … I am happy for you, Elizabeth, and, all Red Sox fans, regarding this signing !!! … I look forward to the first Yankees/Red Sox game of the season; and, also, the first battle at the plate between Pettitte and Varitek !!! … Also, I agree, it would be a wise move by the Red Sox to sign: Ellsbury, Bay, and Papelbon, [all] to long-term contracts !!! … Take care, Elizabeth, and, “Congratulations”, again, on Boston signing Jason Varitek !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  5. Elizabeth D.

    Jimmy: Thanks!! The first time Petite and Varitek face each other at the plate will be very symbolic… I can’t wait for it.

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