New Edition: ‘My Daily Dosage of Baseball’

I am not sure if any of you realized, but my ‘Prime 9’ (enjoy the pun Metsmainman) only had eight topics. My mistake, but to those of you who were wondering, ‘what the heck is number nine’…

Mike Lowell 4.jpg
Lowell’s Recovery
After being the MVP of the 2007 World Series, Mikey’s numbers dropped, and he did not even play in the ALCS. I think the reason for that was his troublesome hip. His range over at third base was minimized, and his batting average dropped to .274 and his RBI total was diminished. Mike has had surgery this offseason, and according to some sources around the web, his rehab is going very well. I cannot believe that I forgot him after vying for his place on the team as the Red Sox pursued Mark Teixeira. 2009 is Lowell’s year to show the Red Sox that he is not done just yet! I think he has the ability to show us all that it was well worth it not picking up Teixeira. 
My Daily Dosage of Baseball
I think I’ve decided to dedicate this section of my blog to any baseball conversation(s) that I have throughout the day. Today, Mr. Gedeon, my gym teacher from last semester and I talked about the Mets. 
Gedeon: So we [the Mets] got Oliver Perez
Me: Yeah, for the same price as Derek Lowe! 3 years, $36 million…
Gedeon: Yeah, but I would rather Perez than Lowe
Me: Really? But Perez has been known to be inconsistent…
Gedeon: Well, kind of.. but at random times. And you know when he’s off, like if he’ll walk six people or something
Me: Yeah, Dice-K does that sometimes in the first inning. He always manages to get out of it unscathed though. You guys could still get Ben Sheets
Gedeon: Yeah, that would make me happy, I know they’re talking to him.
Me: Yup, but the Rangers are in the mix now too… You guys could be getting Manny Ramirez… potentially… maybe…
Gedeon: Yeah, I wish… 
Me: I don’t know, I don’t really see it happening
Gedeon: Yeah… well he could always go back to the Red Sox
Me: No, he’s not coming back
Gedeon: Don’t you miss him?
Me: Yes… 
Here is where I launch into my story about how I made a statue of his head in seventh grade, and how it hurts me every time to look at it! If you haven’t heard, Manny turned down a 1 year $25 million dollar contract from the Dodgers. I also had this conversation with my friend Cloe. She was appalled that anyone could decline $25 million, but as I replied to her, Manny does think that he is God’s gift to the baseball world. 
Manny Ramirez.jpg
I think we all know why Manny declined this deal– he wants to go long term. I think that he would be willing to settle for less money, but more years. I don’t understand why he wants to be tied down so badly, he tends to get tired of places pretty easily. This has not discouraged either side from negotiations as they are still talking. Where is Manny going to go? 
Adam Dunn 2.jpg
Apparently, an offer from the Nationals has been sitting with Adam Dunn for a while. It does not seem like he is too eager to head over there. If no one else has offered him anything, it looks like he may have to settle. 
Baseball has come back faster than I expected it would. In about a week, pitchers and catchers will finally be reporting to their respective Spring Training camps. As soon as the Super bowl ended, baseball officially took center stage. For some people, March is about college basketball’s ‘March Madness’, but for us, it’s all about Spring Training. How will you guys fill the void until it officially begins? 
The Latest Leaders came out today from this past week. Julia is number one!! I think she deserves a huge congratulations from all of us, and I think we knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would be number one. She is such a wonderful, hardworking blogger. 
I dropped down to number 17, but I suppose that happens with blogging inconsistently and an annoying week. Regardless, I am always honored to even be in the latest leaders. My dedication will be coming soon! Thank you all for reading, and congratulations if you were on the list!!


  1. kingofcali

    Manny is a great player but does have his baggage. I’m sure he will get at least a 2 year contract for 40 or 45 Million. He just became a free agent at a very bad time. The Dodgers really don’t want to lose him, so once antoher team steps up with an offer. The Dodgers will counter with something Manny will want to keep him. The Dodgers really need him.

    ~King of Cali

  2. Elizabeth D.

    Steven: You’re right, the Dodgers really do need him. Especially after their pitching staff has become very dingy. This market is terrible!

    Bob: Thanks!! Same to you!

    Happy: Thanks! I hope everything is going well with the new addition to your family! I agree with you on Adam Dunn!


  3. juliasrants

    I love your new daily addition to your blog – I look forward to reading it. And Elizabeth – I am enjoying ever minute of Manny not being signed! I know – not nice of me, but I can’t help it! Congrats again on #17!


  4. xcicix

    Congrats, Elizabeth! Number 17 is still really amazing.
    I will fill the void by forcing people to talk baseball(it’s what I usually do). It’s really really easy.
    I either talk about how I hate the Dodgers “I hope you aren’t a dodgers fan b/c i cant stand them!”; say “my phone sucks”, show them the weird spasms it does, and find a roundabout way to get them to notice the background picture of chase field; or go “omigod! pitchers and catchers report in less than 2 weeks!”…I will probably have come up with at least 10 more ways of forcing people to talk baseball even if they don’t want to by the time the season officially starts…try it, it’s really really really fun!

  5. Elizabeth D.

    Caroline: I do that all the time as well! I talk baseball with my teachers, or with the few kids in my class who are willing to talk baseball with me. Everyone else rolls their eyes but I DONT CARE, it’s baseball!!


  6. Elizabeth D.

    Kathy: Thankfully we have this community to talk to each other about baseball. I don’t know what I would do without it!


  7. crystalbaseball

    If you ever need help with your fantasy team, I would be more than happy to help. Remember this, the Red Sox are always your favorite team, but don’t go crazy trying to get them for your fantasy team. I love the Cubs as much as anyone in the world, but if it takes any Cardinal (bring on Albert!), I will take them and let their stats pile into your stash. If you think two players are equal (i.e. Dice-K & AJ Burnett), you go take Dice-k simply for your bias ). Anything at all, I would be happy to answer, have a great day!

  8. Elizabeth D.

    Jane: It makes life a little easier having that kind of outlet. I need to talk baseball, it’s killing me!

    Carl: Thanks! As I was kind of “researching” I realized I couldn’t really try and make my team the Boston Red Sox, thanks for the advice!


  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    I like your new feature on your blog, your “Daily Dosage of Baseball” !!! … Also, I think it is very cool that you can talk about baseball with your teachers. I don’t recall ever having conversations with my teachers about baseball or any sports !!! … Regarding Manny: well, I think in the end, he will sign with the L.A. Dodgers for maybe “two years with an option for a third” … But, who knows? … With Manny, anything is possible !!! … And, finally, “Congratulations” on your #17 ranking on the new “Leader’s List” !!! ……… I look forward to your dedication !!! … Have a nice day, Elizabeth !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  10. Elizabeth D.

    Tommy: Thanks!! I’m going to gather all my research this weekend, and I’ll post my ideas.

    Jimmy: I’m pretty sure that I annoy all of my classmates when I get into my little baseball world. I think Manny would like that contract from the Dodgers, if only it was that easy.

    Metsmainman: Wow! That’s so cool that yours used to play in the minors!


  11. jacobylvr

    I think you are right about Ramierez wanting a longer term contract. If you look at most of the major talent around the league, the majority (if not all) have longer term contracts of three years or more. However, I also agree that Manny gets restless and a one year deal might suit him better.

    Also, the Red Sox would be foolish not to consider someone with Teixeira’s talent, even if the interest is not entirely genuine. Psychologically it keeps their best players (like Youk and Lowell) on their toes. I really enjoy reading your blog. You said something one time about scouting the spring training games? Are you able to go to many of them? I wish I could, but I live too far away!

  12. Elizabeth D.

    Jacobyluvr: Thank you so much! That means a lot. I don’t get to go to games that often, but when I do, I love scouting. I’m planning on going to more this year.


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