The World Baseball Classic produces a Classic

baseball diamond.jpg

I cannot tell you how happy I am that baseball is back. I woke up at 9 am today (I don’t know why) and watched four editions of ’30 Clubs in 30 Days’ (yes, I am addicted). I have to say, I really enjoy watching that show, but my favorite part of the show isn’t the analysis. 

Towards the end of the show, they do a little segment on the history of the club. It’s short, but I swear, every time it gives me goosebumps! The clubs that were analyzed were the Blue Jays, the Reds, the Braves, and the Rays. 
Kevin Millar 4.jpg
I loved seeing familiar faces in the form of Kevin Millar (Blue Jays), 
Bronson Arroyo.jpg
Bronson Arroyo (Reds),
Derek Lowe.jpg
 and Derek Lowe (Braves). I had not known that Millar had signed a minor league contract with the Blue Jays. That’s crazy– a minor league deal!! I can see him being similar to the Sean Casey of last year. What a great guy to have coming off the bench. 
Mark called this a long time ago, but I’m starting to agree with him– the Reds are looking great this year! I don’t think that they can win the division, but after watching that show, I can see them getting third place! I think they have one more year to go until they become like the Rays of 2008. 
Bronson Arroyo 2.jpg
Bronson Arroyo is such a great guy to have on their staff too. He has made so many starts for the Reds– more than anyone else around the Majors! He may not be the best pitcher in the world, but he still eats up innings, and that’s important. 
Plus, he is pretty serious about his music!! 
Baseball References of this week
I’ve wondered why I feel so strongly about the past of baseball, even though I never live through it. It’s painful for me to watch highlights from the 1986 World Series, I feel so happy when I see clips of Carlton Fisk’s 1975 home run, and I feel so strongly about Pete Rose even though I haven’t seen him play. So why do I care so much?
Well, in my math class, we ended up talking about the String Theory one day. I don’t completely understand it, but from what I do understand, somehow, I could have been at those games– in a different dimension. So instead of just experiencing them vicariously, perhaps I really was there. That’s a bit of a stretch I know. 
Hideki Okajima 2.jpg
In my history class, we were talking about World War II, and the battles of Okinawa and Iwo Jima. So what do I write in my notes? The battle of Okajima. So this is what I’m thinking about 24/7. Even as I was writing this entry, I put Iwamura instead of Iwo Jima initially. 
In chemistry, we were learning about The Shield Effect. I had no idea what it was (and I barely understand it now), and when my teacher asked someone to explain it, I thought to myself:
Curt Schilling 3.jpg
‘Well, I can’t explain the Shield Effect, but I would love to talk about the Schilling Effect’. Curt is pretty aware of his effect as well. He wants to help a team get to the World Series. In fact, he specifically mentioned the Cubs and the Rays. What about helping the Pirates to a winning season? 
World Baseball Classic 
Well, after the three episodes of ’30 Clubs in 30 Days’ that I watched, I turned to ESPN (for the first time in months) to watch Team USA play Team Canada. That was one hell of a game if you guys didn’t get to see it. 
The starting lineup for Team USA was loaded:
1. Dustin Pedroia (2B)
2. Derek Jeter (SS)
3. Chipper Jones (DH)
4. David Wright (3B)
5. Kevin Youkilis (1B)
6. Adam Dunn (RF)
7. Ryan Braun (LF)
8. Brian McCann (C)
9. Shane Victorino (CF-RF)
Starting pitcher: Jake Peavy
The starting lineup for Canada had some familiar faces as well:
1. Barnwell (SS)
2. Russell Martin (C)
3. Joey Votto (DH)
4. Justin Morneau (1b)
5. Jason Bay (CF)
6. Stairs (RF)
7. Teahen (3B)
8. Weglarz (LF)
9. Orr (2B)
Starting pitcher: Johnson
Jake Peavy.jpg
Jake Peavy had a bit of a rough first inning– I’m pretty sure that he loaded the bases. He settled down the second inning and had a great 1-2-3 inning, but gave up a home run to Joey Votto in the third inning. 
Joey Votto.jpeg
Let me tell you guys something, Joey Votto looks really good. I can see him having a really nice season for the Reds. 
It was really interesting for me though, to be rooting against Jason Bay. Kevin Youkilis scored the first run of the game on a sacrifice fly by Brian McCann to Jason Bay. I bet they’ll be laughing about that later. 
Youkilis produced the second home run of the game by hitting a home run to right-center field. Not to mention the fact that his beard is coming back. I love seeing the Youk-Fu in the pictures though. 
Brian McCann and Adam Dunn also hit home runs to make the score 6-4. In the bottom of the ninth, Joey Votto struck again with a double over the head of Shane Victorino to score Russell Martin. 
Then, in the bottom of the ninth, Joey Votto was on second with Jason Bay at the plate. There were two outs, and the co
unt was 3-2… talk about a conflict! Don’t worry though, I ended up rooting for my country. That’s the beauty of baseball right there. Jason Bay represented the tying run of the game. Had he hit a ball into deep right, the game would have been tied, the entire tournament could have been different! That is one of the many things that I love about baseball. 


  1. crazy19canuck

    So, do you still feel bad not making it to the game today?
    It’s history class…gotta entertain yourself somehow! LOL!

  2. Lissi

    Maybe the String Theory explains why I love the Indians for no apparent reason. And I definitely did not see a difference in Okinawa and Okijima for a long time. I was really confused.
    I am doing a speech on the History of Cleveland Baseball in Public Speaking. I am very excited.

  3. juliasrants

    The USA/Canada game was great! Peavy was a little rocky but YOOOUUUKKK!! Home run! Loved all the pics! I had heard about Millar – I hope he gets the call up I want him back playing! I miss him! And you know – whatever works for school! Do you know how I remember the order of the planets (and asteroid belt)? I don’t even remember how young I was when I learned this – Mother very easily made a jelly sandwich under no protest. Okay – Pluto was a planet back in the dark ages! But we do what works! Keep thinking in terms of baseball!


  4. Elizabeth D.

    Jane: How can I think of anything else? lol

    Tommy: I loved how it was such a close game the entire time!

    Canuck: Yes, I do. I heard that Jacoby had a triple!! His second of this spring. Plus, I wanted to scout out more players.

    Melissa: Good luck on your speech! I’m sure it will be great! Send me a copy? lol

    Julia: Great game indeed! Loved the Youk home run! That was great to see. And Pedroia got a double! I think Millar will get the call, I mean, who else is Toronto gonna use? LOVE the acronym!


  5. Elizabeth D.

    Darion: Yeah, McCann looked great! I think I want him on my fantasy team lol. I did see the Braves 30 Clubs in 30 Days

    Bob: Yeah, I think so too. It is SO addicting.

  6. redbirdchatter

    More baseball today! It is interesting the things, activities and even cultures we inexplicably drawn to, almost like we have been there before. Also interesting are the irrational fears we harbor that have no basis in our own life. It’s mind-blowing. Better to think about baseball!

  7. flairforthedramatic

    Ahh, great game between USA & Canada. Can’t describe the feeling to have meaningful games back. What you described about how things could be different if one thing had happened differently is one of the things I love about the game to. The outcome of a game or a season could change so drastically with one event.
    – V [ ]

  8. Elizabeth D.

    Vanessa: It’s so crazy how one little thing is so significant

    Hyun Young: It was bitter sweet, perfect way to describe it! I heard he didn’t have his breaking ball or something that that he was just relying on his fastball.


  9. Erin Kathleen

    That Canada/USA game was one of the best I’ve seen, period. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping Morneau would hit one out in the bottom of the ninth. I can’t help it, I want our guys to do well, even if they’re not playing for the U.S.

  10. Elizabeth D.

    Caroline: I always need baseball analogies to help me understand… it’s crazy

    Erin: I totally understand! And when Jason Bay was up? I was DYING! It’s kind of like Spring Training still for them, so we kind of want them to do well. Creating so much conflict!!

    Scott: Thanks, and I have to agree with you about Schilling– but knowing me I will probably right “Schilling effect” rather than “Shielding Effect” and my teacher will circle it and put question marks around it. ‘-5 points!’. Ouch.


  11. mlbtribefan

    What a Classic so far! Go USA! GO Netherlands! Go South Korea! and I like the team from down under. I wish i could describe that shielding effect

    When reading the definition,” The shielding effect describes the decrease in attraction between an electron and the nucleus in any atom with more than one electron shell. It is also referred to as the screening effect or atomic shielding”, all I could think of was Manny’s relationship to Boston.

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