“Baseball Bubble”

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Today, I realized something– I can tell you more about baseball than I can about global issues– way more. I honestly did not know the name of the North Korean dictator until this afternoon. Is this bad? I remember Jane mentioning a story similar to this in her book. She was reading the newspaper and some kind of headline like ‘The Tribe is Suffering’ came up, and she thought it was about the Cleveland Indians. I’m not going to lie to you, upon reading it, I thought she was referencing the Cleveland Indians as well. I live in my own little baseball bubble as well. 

For example, in math today, when my teacher asked me the scores of the World Baseball Classic from Sunday, I was perfectly able to recite that. When he asked me to find the external arc of a circle, I was clueless. 

During my Life Skills class, we began learning about drugs; so we were each assigned a drug to research and present to the class. I kindly forced asked the student next to me to switch topics with me so I could write about steroids. Don’t get me wrong, I will talk about steroids in my project, but I think I’m going to go on a long tangent about steroids in baseball, and then go on to talk about Pete Rose and how it’s ridiculous that he is not in the Hall of Fame. 
Jon Lester.jpg
I had heard about the rumored Jon Lester deal yesterday, but it wasn’t until I was watching Team USA beat up on Team Venezuela that I heard that the deal was finalized. It was a five year deal worth $30 million, with a $14 million option for 2014! This is what the Red Sox have been doing all offseason: locking up their proven young players! We all know that Jon Lester had a breakout year last year. I don’t need to re-emphasize his no-hitter and that great comeback story of his. The bottom line is: he is a good pitcher. He has great command of his fastball, and is even working on a changeup! At this pace, he is on the track to becoming one of the most feared left handed pitchers of the game. 
A-Rod 2.jpg
A-Rod is officially having surgery, though, not the same surgery that Mike Lowell had on his torn labrum. I think this is “arthroscopic surgery” and they few medical terms that I know are the ones that I have heard of on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. This is not one of them. However, from what I have gathered, this surgery will allow A-Rod to return in 6-9 weeks rather than 12-16 weeks. This was the right decision.
Like I’ve said before, it was painful for me to watch Mike Lowell play last season, and it was painful for him. If it’s already painful for Alex, it was only going to get worse. This surgery will minimize the damage, and he will have the rest of the surgery after the season. Plus, this gives A-Rod some down time. With this steroid scandal, and his inability to keep a straight story, and all Torre’s blows to him– he needs some time off. 
So what are the Yankees to do in the meantime without their cleanup batter? Alright so they have Cody Ransom to fill the void at third base, but that does not fill the offensive void. The Yankees are going to have to totally re-work their lineup. Sure Mark Teixeira has a bat, but other than him, the offense is a tad on the mediocre side. Luckily they have some serious pitching to balance that. 
World Baseball Classic 
The USA is redeeming itself after the 2006 tournament as it did not falter after its first win. They beat Team Venezuela 15-6 thanks to some key hits off of the shaky Venezuelan bullpen, and some strong relief pitching. 
Roy Oswalt had a decent outing, but definitely not the best. The problem is, these games actually matter (in a sense). This is still Spring Training to some of these guys. The guys on international teams have been playing Winter Ball. These guys? This is just the start of stuff for them. 
Chris Iannetta.jpg
The US broke it open in the sixth inning by scoring eight runs. Mark DeRosa hit a triple and batted in a total of four runs. Chris Iannetta had a great bases clearing double and also had four RBIs. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with Ianetta. Kevin Youkilis and Adam Dunn hit their second home runs of the classic, and Ryan Braun hit his first. Dustin Pedroia had a great play at second base if you guys didn’t get to see it. It was one of those plays that NO ONE should make. 
The bullpen was backed by some great run support so Ziegler’s two earned runs and Bell’s one were not that significant. Matt Lindstrom of the Florida Marlins picked up the win. 
Red Sox Spring Training
On Sunday I had to go to school for an American History catch up day– didn’t mind too much because I love that class. Anyway, the class started at one, and there was a Red Sox vs Rays game at one. Luckily, my friend lent me his iPhone so I was periodically refreshing the play-by-play throughout the whole class. 
Julio Lugo had a great day as he went 3-3 with two RBIs and two doubles. My project, Nick Green, hit a home run, as did Zach Daeges (despite his weird batting stance) and Jonathan Van Every. 
Justin Masterson pitched three beautiful innings of one hit ball and was followed by Jonathan Papelbon, who threw a scoreless inning but allowed two runs. Did I mention that he is working on a slider? Yet another pitch to vanquish victims. Daniel Bard (potential project) struck out the side, and Junichi Tazawa and Michael Bowden each allowed one run. 
I have now set a goal for Michael Bowden: one outing without any earned runs! 
Josh Reddick.jpg
The Red Sox played an exciting game today against the Pittsburgh Pirates, which the Red Sox won on an RBI double by Josh Reddick in the bottom of the tenth. I watched the first two innings during my Life Skills class while “researching” steroids. I wasn’t just going to pass up that opportunity.
One of my projects, Jeff Bailey, went 3-4 with a double and an RBI. Project Nick Green hit another home run as did Dusty Brown. I remember Dusty Brown from last year’s Spring Training and from a Pawtucket game. I like him, but I need to see a bit more of him to decide his project potential. 
Josh Bard continued to
make his presence known by hitting another home run today and collecting three RBIs. I’m thinking that this whole competition thing is making Lowrie a little nervous. I just want him to be himself, because I know he can do well either starting on off the bench. 


  1. rockymountainway

    Grey Anatomy! That cracked me up. If you are worried about being too far into baseball and missing the outside world then take a topic a week and learn at least a little something about it. You’d be suprised how quickly you can keep up on the goings on.

  2. raysrenegade

    Tazawa did pretty good yesterday. He did give up a few hits, but he also struck out 4 in his time on the mound against the Rays.

    Daniel Bard is the guy who scares me. He can throw 100 mph and has a nasty breaking pitch. He will be an awesome closer or even a middle reliever for the Red Sox. I would throw him at starter, but i have a feeling your team is set for a few years.

    The funny part about math is that statistics is a section of math, and a friend of mine in college took it thinking he would be studying the way people keep stats. He is now stuck in a class that boggles his mind every day….. gotta love people who do not read the course descriptions.

    Rays Renegade


  3. Elizabeth D.

    Darion: I’ll let you know in tomorrow’s post 🙂

    Tommy: Good suggestion, I think I’ll do that. Does ‘The Colbert Report’ count?

    Rays Renegade: I am terrible at all forms of math, I don’t think statistics would be much better. I can definitely see Bard as a reliever. But maybe as a starter seeing that Wakefield is leaving soon.

    Houston: Yeah, kept in the game too long. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just manage the games? Probably not lol.


  4. Elizabeth D.

    Bob: Still need some seasoning… but in a few years, they’re going to be tearing up the majors.

  5. xcicix

    Don’t feel bad…I didn’t even know North Korea had a dictator. If I read the Tribe is suffering, I’d think Indians too…I know that Byung-Hyun Kim’s jersey number may not be the most important thing in the world to know..

  6. Lissi

    Seriously baseball is all I ever think about. Tonight in Bible Study my leader asked what some of the biggest injustices we had seen so far were. I decided that the ones that first came to my mind, i.e. The Yankees being ridiculous, steroids, and A-Fraud in general, would not be appropriate.
    I also thought the newspaper article was about the Indians. Last year that would have been a perfectly acceptable and believable title for an article about he Indians. haha

  7. Kaybee

    I know exactly what you mean. I know so much about the Padres! Who’s our president again? Just kidding 🙂 And I’ve watched so many medical TV shows, I’ve probably picked up a lot of doctor terms! You know, House, ER, even LOST!

  8. Elizabeth D.

    Caroline: Lol lost your train of thought there? Haha Baseball Jeopardy would be awesome!

    Julia: For sure– I just love our minor league system!

    Melissa: I would’ve said the same thing!

    Kaybee: lol– last year, when I was obsessed with Grey’s, I knew so many medical terms!

  9. Erin Kathleen

    Most of us here in the MLBlogosphere probably live in a baseball bubble. Mine’s even worse, I kind of live in a Twins baseball bubble and I don’t pay all that much attention to what’s going on in the league, let alone the rest of the world. And I, too, would’ve read the title of that article and thought of the Indians. And laughed.

  10. Jane Heller

    Glad everyone’s as crazy as I am and would have seen the article about “the tribe” and assumed it was about the Indians! I was a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy the first two seasons but stopped watching. And Private Practice, the spinoff, didn’t work for me at all.


  11. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    School on Sunday? Now that’s a first, or at least the first time I have heard of schools having classes on Sunday !!! … All this time in school is taking away from your baseball time, and is just a distraction to following Spring Training, the WBC, and the Baseball Season … Like I said, you need TV’s in all your classrooms so you don’t miss any baseball action [just kidding, of course] … School is very important, but, also, we can all learn a lot about life from following and studying Baseball !!! … Good move by the Red Sox, signing Lon Lester, and other Sox players, to long-term contracts [this a good trend in baseball, as most teams are also signing their good young prospects to long-term deals] … Good move by A-Rod to have part of his surgery “now”, then, another surgery on is hip at the end of the season] … And, you’re right, the Yankees lineup is not as strong as it should be … The Yankees will miss having A-Rod’s bat in the lineup, and, also, will miss Bobby Abreu’s bat in the #3 spot in the lineup [the Angels made a great move signing Abreu. He will be perfect batting second or third in their lineup] … And, finally, I have to say, I have really gotten into the WBC — there have been many exciting games !!! … Before the series started, I wasn’t that exited about watching the games. But, seeing games like the 6-5 Team USA victory over Team Canada; and, Team Korea’s 1-0 victory over Team Japan, plus, many other exciting games, has been a pleasure !!! … Most of these WBC games have a playoff atmosphere to them !!! … Go Team USA !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth, and have a great day !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  12. jacobylvr

    Will you be attending any WBC games in Florida? I know the second round is coming up soon. You must be excited about Lowell getting a start today or tomorrow (can’t remember which). I haven’t seen that much of Tazawa, but maybe you have. What kind of arsenal does he have? Will he be like Dice-K and have seventeen different pitches like the gyro ball??

  13. Elizabeth D.

    Erin: I LOVE my baseball bubble lol.

    Jane: Private Practice doesn’t work for me either. And to be honest, I’ve barely watched any of Season 5

    Jimmy: They really do have a playoff atmosphere, and I feel like I’m watching the playoffs. It’s truly a World Series.

    Sue: I would have thought the same.

    Jacobyluvr: I hope to get to some WBC, and I’ll let you know about Tazawa in tomorrow’s post.


  14. mlbtribefan

    Baseball reporting is your passion and I enjoy reading your entries. It is true that one has to be well-rounded. For example, think of the circle like a mound in baseball and find the external arc. Good job covering the Red Sox and best of luck researching steroids.


  15. scofid

    I need Jed Lowrie to start! I have a fantasy baseball team depending upon him! I think I might be in trouble…

    You’re right about A-Rod. He needs the time off “mentally” in additional to physically while he recuperates. Hopefully, this will make him stronger for the long haul. Well, I know, againt anybody but the Red Sox…

    Great post!


  16. Elizabeth D.

    Aaron: Thanks!! That means a lot, it really does.

    Scott: Wow, you’ve invested a lot of faith in Jed Lowrie. I don’t blame you though. And it probably will make A-Rod more… capable in the long run.. just not in the clutch 🙂


  17. redbirdchatter

    When people used to say to me, “I can’t believe you don’t know [insert song, movie, fact here]”, I would say I am only [insert young age here] I can’t possibly know everything. The answer does not work so well anymore. : ) Point is…you can’t know everything, and in the end we all know the things we want to know. We want to know baseball, so we do. It’s not a bad thing! Besides baseball relates to everything.

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