The Injury Bug Must be Exterminated

It’s one thing when you get an injury in the middle of the offseason. It’s another thing when you get injured (however minor it may be) three weeks before Opening Day. 

injury bug.jpg
The injury is making its way around baseball, and pretty fast too. It made its way through Florida, but those who were bitten have only suffered mildly. The disease is spreading quickly, especially through the Classic in Florida as Ryan Braun, Matt Lindstrom, Dustin Pedroia, and Chipper Jones have all been cautioned to take it easy, or taken out of the Classic entirely. It even gave Phillies fans a scare when it attempted to bite their ace Cole Hamels, and it has temporarily sidelined Trevor Hoffman. Julio Lugo wasn’t as lucky, the injury bug got to his knee and has forced him to have surgery. 
Manny Ramirez 1.jpg
It then made its way to Arizona where Manny Ramirez attempted to find the bug and purposefully get injured so he could sit out for another week to sulk about how he had to go out and play left field one day instead of serving as the designated hitter. 
Dustin Pedroia has actually returned to Fort Myers and is out for the rest of the Classic. Originally, the injury was reported to be a strained oblique muscle. Josh Beckett had a strained or irritated oblique during the playoffs last season, and his playoff performance wasn’t what it has been known to be in the past. 
Dustin Pedroia 5.jpg
The good news is that it’s not a strained oblique, it’s a strained abdominal muscle. He could be back playing this week! I would be happy to greet him if I am able to go to the Red Sox vs Marlins game on Saturday. As long as he is healthy and ready for Opening Day, I will be very happy. 
Chipper Jones.jpg
Other victims of the Classic (okay, that’s a bit harsh) are Braun, Jones, and Lindstrom. It’s obvious that Chipper Jones wasn’t feeling too right, he hadn’t even gotten a hit before he left. His oblique was bothering him (maybe they confused him and Pedroia?) and it could continue to bother him for an extended period of time, though he his optimistic. 
Matt Lindstrom.jpg
Matt Lindstrom injured his right shoulder– in fact, he strained his right rotator cuff. He is still “with” Team USA despite being unable to play. Right now, he has to focus on the regular season, being ready for the opener. 
Ryan Braun.jpg
Ryan Braun “aggravated his right rib cage” and is being temporarily held out of games for now. It would be really nice if they could use another word other than ‘aggravated’, it makes it sound way more dramatic than it actually is. I don’t know much about Braun’s personality, but apparently he would “bend the truth” so that he could play. I love that player mentality, but he has to think towards the future of the season–being ready to play for as many of the 162 games as possible, and hopefully more. 
What are the similarities of these cases? All of these injuries are products of the Classic. I love the World Baseball Classic, but for guys from the Major Leagues, it’s just a bit soon for them to be playing nine innings. I know that they have regulations for pitchers and stuff, but these players are still in Spring Training mode, even if they are pretending that they are in playoff mode. Granted, these injuries could have happened in Spring Training but it’s still a different atmosphere, as I described. 
I am so sorry that Julio Lugo had to have surgery, but at least it was before the season rather than during. He was working so hard to earn that starting position back– he was hitting all over the place and his fielding has much improved. This surgery will have him out for about a month, but this opens a position for utility player to come up. 
Thumbnail image for Nick Green.JPG
Who will this utility player be? My project, Nick Green. Well, that’s who I would pick at least. Let me tell you guys, he has been hitting so well this spring, and his hitting potential can definitely been developed (not to mention that his fielding is solid). 
Most of you guys know that our backup first baseman (and outfielder) Mark Kotsay had back surgery, so another opening is available. My pick? My project, Chris Carter. I believe in both of these guys and I think that they could do a great job. 
So how do we terminate this injury bug? I have already begun by praying. During church on Sunday, my mind was side-tracked of course thinking about baseball, so when it came time for our private petitions you can only guess what mine were. I even phrased it nicely:
That Dustin Pedroia and Julio Lugo may make speedy recoveries and be healthy as soon as possible, we pray to the Lord. 
PS #1: This is my 100th entry! I hope to have many many more 🙂 
PS #2: I don’t have the grade yet, but my history teacher said that he really liked my research paper! I’m going to revise it and organize it thematically rather than chronologically. 
**This is SUCH a stressful WBC game!!!


  1. neumann12

    The good news is that Hamels appears to be okay for now. But the fact that the Phillies pitching coach says it’s a “long shot” for him to start on opening night is disappointing. All of the excitement to start the season — you want the World Series MVP out there! But it is a 162 game season and there’s no sense in rushing a sore elbow back.
    I’ll say a prayer for your reigning MVPedroia.


  2. Jane Heller

    So you pray about baseball too, Elizabeth? LOL. I’m with you on the WBC. They need to play it in December or January – not when the players should be in camp getting ready and trying to stay healthy. If Jeter catches the injury bug tonight I’ll……No. I’m not jinxing him.

  3. Elizabeth D.

    Mark: Thanks, that is much appreciated. It’s a shame that it is a long shot for Hamels, but like you said, baseball wants him for the season, not just for an opening.

    Jane: Good thing he didn’t! I… rooted for him… weird. lol

    Aaron: LOL that made me laugh!

  4. Lissi

    I agree with everyone saying the WBC should be played in November or December.
    You know what other bug needs to be stopped: the flu! It started with Mark DeRosa, then I heard someone had it in a Grapefruit league team but I can’t remember who (I’m sorry!), then Anthony Reyes got it, and tonight on American Idol one of the singers had it! I just wish everyone could stay healthy!
    Great WBC game! And good job calling the finish! 🙂

  5. redsoxathinon

    Good points Elizabeth, the Sox have plenty of depth in the field (and on the mound). You can never have too much depth, making this a plus on behalf of the Red Sox. Nick Green has been solid this spring, and Chris Carter is just a great hitter who can fill in well for Kotsay for the time being. The Catching situation is heating up, and that should be fun to see pan out. What is your take if Tek is injured during ST and cannot start the season?

    Congrats on #100, and I hope to see plenty more!!!


  6. Erin Kathleen

    Yes, the injury bug needs to be exterminated. There is still no update about Joe Mauer and I have no idea what is going on. All I know is that the season is over if he’s going to be out of the lineup too long. And good luck with your paper! It sounded really good, and if your teacher liked it, I’m sure you got a good grade on it.-Erin

  7. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Congrats on entry #100! The WBC should be played when players are ready and in shape. AKA after the season, Arizona Fall League. Something like that. Because spring training is a time to ease them into being ready for the regular season. These guys were pushed into being ready way too early. Can’t wait to know your grade on that paper! It was really good.

  8. Elizabeth D.

    Melissa: And now Tim Lincecum has bronchitis!

    Caroline: Exactly, maybe he will screw with the Dodgers like he did the Red Sox.

    Chris: Well, the battle has slimmed as the Sox released Bard today.

    Erin: Thanks, and I hope that Mauer is okay. I’m sure he is.

    Jen: Thanks so much! You’re right about the Classic and players “being pushed into it too fast”


  9. Elizabeth D.

    Steven: Thanks, and I saw that in the news. I hope that Randy is okay.

    Mark: It is indeed! I almost had a heart attack when I found out– well, I kind of did.

    Erik: You’re exactly right– but when would be a good time?

  10. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Elizabeth …

    “Congratulations” on your 100th post !!!
    Best Wishes, for many more great posts this season, and in future years !!! … I always look forwrad to viewing all your excellent posts, comments, and thoughts !!!
    Keep up the great work !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth; and, have a great day !!!
    Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  11. Elizabeth D.

    Neal: Thanks, I remember reading yours and thinking, ‘I can’t wait to get there’.

    Emily: I have officially bitten all of my nails off… this is bad!

    Scott: Yeah and Mark Kotsay (and A-Rod… well, he hid the pain). I wish they would just come out and tell us so they wouldn’t have to get surgery three weeks before Opening Day!

    Kyle: He DESERVES a parade. Shall I organize it?

    Jimmy: Thank you, that really means a lot!!

    Jenn: What is going on??

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