Two Honorable Dedications

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Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for stopping by and reading. I’m glad that you all have been enjoying what I have to say, and I hope that I will continue to get better in the future. Hopefully the near future seeing that I applied for a scholarship for this summer program that offers classes in sports writing and broadcasting. That’s pretty tailored to what I want to learn right? 
So I have two people that I want to dedicate this post to. The first time that Julia was number four over here, she dedicated her post to Joe Cronin. I want to do a small segment on Cronin because after all, his number was retired but I also want to dedicate a part of this post to Lou Gehrig. Yes, I am dedicating some of this blog to a Yankee. 
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So starting off with Mr. Cronin… he had a significant impact on the Red Sox not only as a player, but as a manager and general manager. He  played on the Sox for ten years (1935-1945) and had some pretty nice career statistics (.301 batting average, and 2,285 hits). What I like about some of these guys is how consistent they are. Cronin batted over .300 and drove in 100 or more runs eight times, and he was an All-Star seven times. I also like to look beyond statistics. 
In 1938, Archie McKain, a pitcher for the Red Sox, hit Jake Powell in the stomach. Jake wasn’t very happy, so he charged the mound, which was not okay with Joe Cronin. Cronin intercepted him, but he wasn’t even a player then. He was only a part time player for the Red Sox after the 1941 season. Besides his extensive duties with the Red Sox, he also served as the American League president from 1959-1973. 
Lou Gehrig.jpg
I know, even partially dedicating a post to a Yankee is weird. But how can I not recognize someone as great as Lou Gehrig? Even though he was a Yankee, the least I can do is respect him. Gehrig played with the Yankees from 1923 (when Yankee Stadium opened) to 1939. He died only two years later. His career was cut short at age 36 when he was diagnosed with ALS, which is now known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He held the record for most consecutive games played at 2,130 until Cal Ripken Jr. surpassed him. I wonder if that record would have been longer if he hadn’t been diagnosed with that fatal disease. After all, he was nicknamed “The Iron Horse”. Even as I read about the farewell ceremony that the Yankees dedicated to him on July 4, 1939, it makes me tear up. I think we all have heard Gehrig’s immortal words at some point:
“Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the planet”. 
I am honored to partially dedicate my post to Lou Gehrig. 
Disney World.
So the reason for my short blogging hiatus was because I went to Disney World this weekend with my best friend and her family. It was a spur of the moment type thing I guess. I didn’t really have time to blog because all I wanted to do was sleep when we got back to the hotel because my friend and I were both sick. 
So while I was there, my one-track mind was thinking about baseball as usual and as we were walking through the crowded streets of Fantasyland/Tomorrowland/Whatever, I was looking at baseball hats and shirts. 
As I saw the hats and t-shirts, I had a growing urge to go up to them and start a conversation as I normally do. But this would not have been a calm and cool before-the-baseball-game chatter. This would have been stressful-Disney-World-chatter. Not the ideal place to talk about baseball. 
Nonetheless, I proceeded to take mental notes of all the hats, and announcing to my friend that I approved of the Red Sox fans as I saw them. I saw Red Sox fans, White Sox fans, Tigers fans (more like one guy), Twins fans, Yankees fans, Rays fans, a Braves fan, Cubs fans, Marlins fans, a Dodgers fan, Brewers fans, and Phillies fans. 
Wide World of Sports.JPG
Although I wasn’t able to keep up with the scores as they were happening, it’s not like I was too far removed from baseball itself. The Braves play at Disney’s Wild World of Sports, which I took pictures of as we were driving by.
Joe Dimaggio hospital.JPG
And yet another baseball reference from this weekend! My friend’s father works right next door to Joe Dimaggio’s Children’s Hospital! There is even a Joe Dimaggio statue out front, and it’s on Joe Dimaggio Drive. 
Red Sox
As soon as I got to a computer, you can pretty much guess the first thing I checked. Oh yes, the box scores. I was very happy to see that my dear friend Chip Ambres hit a walk-off home run. I am proud to have his autograph. 
It looks like Beckett did pretty well, and will be starting on Opening Day! This will be his first start on Opening Day in a Red Sox uniform, and I am very glad that it is him. I think that this will be one of his healthier years, he has been looking great all Spring!
Masterson will not be in the starting rotation, even if Brad Penny can’t make his first “scheduled start”. I can understand this. I love having Masterson in the ‘pen, and even though I love his versatility, being part of that formidable bullpen will be just as good. 
So if Brad Penny isn’t ready? Clay Buchholz. I know some of you may still be getting over what happened last year with him. But now that he knows that it isn’t locked in, and that he could even be sent down to the minors after that start, I think that’s a lot more relaxing than having that pressure of knowing that you have to perform well. 
Mr Cater.JPG
The fact that Opening Day is coming up soon is not only exciting, to say the least for me, it’s also a bit sad. You see, I grew very close to my projects, and it’s time for some of them to be sent back down. Right now, a pretty epic bat
tle is going on between some of my favorite projects: Chris Carter and Jeff Bailey. 
I think they are both significantly talented, and I think it may even come down whether or not the Red Sox need a right handed batter, or a left handed batter. I think I’ll leave that for my next post though. 
Thank you all so much again for your support!


  1. redsoxathinon

    Glad you had a blast at Disney! Carter should get the nod over Bailey, and if Penny isn’t ready for the start of the season yet, Clay should be. He’s been lights out so far and is looking good for the up and coming year.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. greg1969

    Hey, Elizabeth, good to see you were “back to work” after “slacking off” at Disney! 😉 Congrats on #.4!
    I am PSYCHED! that Beckett is starting the season! Lowell’s healthy, Papi’s swinging well, and he and Tek are both hitting for power! CAN’T WAIT!!–This year should be REALLY GOOD!
    I think Carter will start the year, but I think both he and Bailey will have plenty of cups of coffee with us–better buy in bulk! 😉 GO SOX!
    Keep up the great blogging, Elizabeth, and feel free to blog with us on Brownie Points during the game. Julia and I especially have sone some ST play-by-play while watching the game on MLBTV (that way, I can get NESN down here in NC)! Come join the fun!
    I hope you get that scholarship!

  3. Lissi

    I cry when I read or think or hear about Gehrig too. He is an inspiration and showed so much courage and strength. Congratulations on #4! Good luck to your projects! I am sure they are all stars in the making because you picked them out. Have fun in your class this summer. I may be taking a class on sports broadcasting this summer; I’m not sure yet.

  4. Elizabeth D.

    Christos: Carter has definitely been working hard this Spring, and he’s really nice too.
    Greg: This year definitely looks to be great! Everyone looks very healthy, which is quite relieving. I will definitely be coming over to Brownie Points. Thanks for the invite!
    John: I have yet to encounter yttrium, but any reference to chemistry makes me cringe.
    Julia: Thanks! And after writing this, I felt good to be writing about him.
    Melissa: I’m sure we’re not the only ones either :). I love my projects. Do you have any? And you should take that class!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Welcome back, Elizabeth! I didn’t realize that this will be Beckett’s first Opening Day start for the RS. I guess I’ve thought of him as the ace of the staff for a while now. Nice tributes to both Cronin and Gehrig. (I cry too every time I hear the speech.)

  6. rockymountainway

    Hope you are feeling better Elizabeth. I know the feeling. Right now I think I am battling the worst cold I have had in years. It’s probably the flu. Oh well : ) Good luck on getting into the summer program as I’m sure you will learn a great deal.

  7. Elizabeth D.

    Aaron: It wasn’t as tough to admit as I thought it would be.
    Jane: Yeah, I guess he has been– always with those injuries though on Opening Day.
    Sue: Thanks!!
    Tom: I hope you feel better!!!

  8. raysrenegade

    Great piece again today.
    Keep this up and I will be seeing your writings on a few national publications before you are 25.
    If writing is what you want to do, take my advice and take a few classes that will broaden your insight to other parts of the world like English Lit, or even Modern Lit.
    You will be amazed at some of the great writers who were also sportswriters at some point in their lives.
    Ernest Hemmingway used to write stories about the bullfights in Spain for national magazines.
    Just keep the passion. You have a great sports eye.

    Rays Renegade

  9. redbirdchatter

    Very nice post. Very big of you to dedicate to a Yankee. The greatness of Gehrig transcends the boundaries of team. I wonder if I’ll ever be big enough to dedicate to a cub, or if there will ever be a cub big enough to dedicate to. : ) If you run out of 4’s, I can tell you all about our #4, Yadier Molina.

  10. Elizabeth D.

    RR: Thanks so much!! I’ll definitely take your advice and take whatever classes I can find!
    Kathy: If there’s a Cub worthy enough to dedicate it to, you will :). Maybe I’ll mention Molina in my next dedication if I stay at number four.

  11. Elizabeth D.

    Jeff: A tram caught on fire??? Crazy!
    Kaybee: Thanks, and I hope so too!
    Neal: I feel the same way, I hate the weather, but love the fact that ST is here.

  12. Elizabeth D.

    Jenn: It is! Good thing I have spring break next week!!
    Scott: Thanks, and thank you for the idea about Gehrig!

  13. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    I have been busy the last couple of weeks, so I’m just trying to catch-up on some of my commentary around the mlblogosphere !!!
    Nice dedication in honor of two great players, Lou Gehrig and Joe Cronin !!! … Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech is one of the most special and touching moments in baseball history … I always feel sad, but, also, inspired when I watch the speech or the movie “Pride of the Yankees” !!!
    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Disney World; and, also, I hope you are feeling much better !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth !!!
    “Congratulations” on your #4 ranking on the latest “Leader’s List” !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

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