Baseball, Chemistry and my Projects!!!

baseball medicine.jpg

Baseball is the perfect medication– for anything really. This morning, I had this terrible chemistry mishap, and I was basically yelled at profusely. I’m in an awful predicament in which I have to make sure that my teacher doesn’t try and take points off of my test. It really wasn’t my fault! It was merely a false assumption, and miscommunication. 

outfield collision.jpg
It was like I was the center fielder and my teacher was the left fielder. I assumed one thing, and she assumed another thing, we miscommunicated, and the next thing you know: the ball is disappearing into the vines at Wrigley Field! I was quite frustrated with the whole situation, and it was really stressing me out. 
Baseball saved me. I was working on my math homework at the end of class when my math teacher asked me who would be the Opening Day starter for the Red Sox. Immediately, all my worries were gone and I was able to focus on the pitching staffs of the Red Sox, Rays, and Yankees. It may not be able to cure the minor cough that I have now, or the major cold that Tom has, but it can make you feel better! 
As I was studying for this evil chemistry test over the course of the past week (I swear I must have done about sixty Lewis Dot Structures), I began translating it to baseball terms. No wonder, it all became clearer. 
I totally understand ionic bonding now that I have related it to baseball. It’s basically when a metal reacts with a non-metal. The way I initially thought of it was: when the thing on the left side of the periodic table reacts with the thing on the right side of the periodic table. Ionic bonding is very different from covalent bonding. Ionic bonding is two totally different things transferring electrons.
pedroia and jeter.jpg
Ionic bonding happened at the World Baseball Classic. Mets players and Phillies players were brought together, Red Sox players and Yankee players were brought together… I wouldn’t really expect them to get along. But Dustin Pedroia and Derek Jeter became fast friends, and it seems like that friendship will last. I really wish ionic bonding had been a question on my test, I would have given this example. Instead, I had to talk about bond angles. 
al east.jpg
Then there are covalent bonds, which is when non-metals combine and share electrons unevenly. I thought of a couple of examples that are somewhat applicable. This could be like the American League East. There are five teams packed into a really strong division, and the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees are going to be winning and losing games against each other right and left. The Blue Jays and the Orioles are going to give everyone trouble too– no one is walking off with the division. 
How would you guys translate this to baseball? If you don’t want to even think about it, I don’t blame you!
My Projects
I am very happy to announce that two of my projects will be making the Opening Day roster! Though they will be coming off the bench, I am very proud of the both of them for working really hard this Spring. 
I noticed the two of these guys at my very first Spring Training games this year. I could just tell that they were going to do well. I even said a couple of entries ago that I thought that these guys were capable of making the roster. 
Thumbnail image for Nick Green.JPG
I think that Nick Green’s spot was much easier to foresee than Carter’s was. Although Angel Chavez performed really well this Spring, Nick was hitting all over the place! Plus, he can play virtually anywhere in the infield and the outfield, which is perfect for the utility role that we need coming off the bench. 
It’s not like this spot was open at the beginning of the Spring though. We have to remember that this spot was going to either Lugo or Lowrie at the beginning of the Spring, depending on who got the starting shortstop job. Two questions come to mind when I think about this. 
One: I wonder if the Red Sox were leaning toward either one of them before Lugo even had his injury. There are plenty of pros and cons to starting each player, and both were performing really well. The biggest factors in the decision would have probably been Lugo’s contract, and Jed’s versatility. 
Two: When Lugo comes back, where will he fit in? First of all, when Lugo comes back, that probably means that Nick Green will no longer fit into the roster. We already have a backup outfielder (Baldelli) and then Lugo or Lowrie will take the utility spot. I am very curious to see what will happen with this. 
carter batting.JPG
The reason that Carter’s spot was harder to see was because Jeff Bailey was also performing really well this Spring, and he is the veteran of the two. I could see that they both have the potential to make it in the Majors, which is why they were both my projects. Carter will be filling in for Mark Kotsay (back surgery). Carter has been working really hard on his defense this Spring, and that was his biggest problem before– his hitting is great. 
I think that we should all keep Bailey on our radars though. I would not have been disappointed if Bailey had made the team. I think that the both of them could serve the Red Sox really well. If one of our outfielders gets injured, we know who to call. 
A lot of us are familiar with Clay Buchholz, and it looks like he will be starting the season down in Triple-AAA. Even though he had a rough outing against the Rays today, he still performed really well this Spring.
He is the first in line to come up if one of our starters gets injured. Last year, we rushed him way too much, but we didn’t have much of a choice with Curt Schilling out of the rotation. The acquisition of Brad Penny makes the situation a lot easier. I expect to see Buchholz come up a lot this season. I would say a similar track to Justin Masterson. 


  1. juliasrants

    Elizabeth – I’m sorry about your chemistry mishap! Maybe tomorrow after everyone has slept on it you might be able to talk to your teacher then. Good luck!

    I really thought that Jeff Bailey was going to be the one to make the team. And yes – I suspect that Clay will be with us soon in Fenway!

    GO RED SOX!! Only 6 more days!


  2. scofid

    ELIZABETH – You know that we’d never take points off your chemistry exam! The AL East is going to be the toughest in all of baseball. I definitely feel that the O’s and the Blue Jays will have a say in who wins the division. I dislike Peter Angelos, but there is some great talent on that roster. We hurt Toronto by taking A.J. Burnett, but I think they’ll be alright. It should be a slugfest to the end. I liked Nick Green, and wished the Yankees had held on to him. I also think that Clay will be back sooner than later. Great post, my friend!


  3. Elizabeth D.

    Julia: You’re right, after everyone has had a chance to cool down, it will be easier. Either way it would have been good. I would like to know their exact reasoning though.
    Scott: Thank you! You’re right, the Orioles and Blue Jays WILL have a say in who wins the division. The O’s always give the Yankees trouble, and the Jays give the Sox trouble… never ending cycle.

  4. Paige Landsem

    Wow, Elizabeth, as someone not far removed from her own chemistry career…those are some pretty excellent analogies. Did you have to use those terrible 3-D models, with all of the different colors? Those should be outlawed.

    And as cheesy as it sounds, thanks for the reminder that baseball really does make you feel better. It’s so true; we’re so lucky to have it! Now I’m thinking about taping some baseball pictures to my accounting notebook in order to keep myself motivated.


  5. Jane Heller

    Sorry you had such a bummer with the chemistry mishap. I hope it works out. It was my worst subject, so I’m afraid I’m useless to you. As for our teams, it’s going to be a dogfight all season long and I can’t wait. I feel as if I’m just treading water until the real action begins.

  6. rrrt

    It’s been many years since I had to think about chemistry. I believe I’ve successfully purged most of it from my mind. And geez, you had to go and remind me about the Utley/Rowand collision! I was actually at that game, but way out in the bleachers. Even from there, it looked bad!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  7. Lissi

    I’m sorry about your chemistry mishap! I hope all of your studying pays off and you get a good grade.
    I am proud of your projects too! One of my projects made the opening day roster when a veteran got hurt. I hope he does so well they can’t imagine replacing him with the veteran when he’s better.

  8. Erin Kathleen

    Now that you put it in baseball terms, I actually understand Chemistry! If it makes you feel any better, I always hated that class and I could never figure it out either. Luckily I’m a business student and won’t need to learn Lewis structures or the difference between ionic and covalent bonds or anything like that. Good luck!And you know, Julia is reporting that Buchholz is being traded to the Yankees for Wang ;)-Erin

  9. Elizabeth D.

    Bob: Ah yes, the big three. the comparisons with baseball and school are endless!
    Paige: Oh yes, those 3-D models and colors. I became frustrated and tried to make animal-like and people-like structures. We should both tape baseball pictures to our notebooks. We’re in the last quarter (I would think you are too).
    Sue: As soon as this year is over, I will begin to “purge” myself from anything chemistry related. Sorry to remind you, but my clash with my teacher isn’t that pretty either.
    Jeff: Thank you!!
    Melissa: Good job on picking your projects! I think our teams should hire us as scouts.
    Erin: A business student? That’s really cool. Are you going into sports business?


  10. redsoxathinon


    Chris Carter will do some serious damage if he gets legit time. I could see him playing between 60-80 games this year because of Kotsay, Drew, and Baldelli’s liability but they may stay healthy for a change. With that being said, I would have to say he’d hit .265 AVG, 8-10 HR, 30-40 RBI. He’s a solid player, should do a good job. Nick Green, what can I say about Green. He’ll be like A.C. (Alex Cora), a .250 AVG 2 HR 15 RBI type season. Good Luck with chemistry and you do have a thing for calling events lol.

    Keep it coming!

  11. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    AAAAAAAHHHH!!! My Aaron Rowand is the Phillies center fielder in that picture! I LOVE HIM!!!!! My Number Three forever! I get so excited when I see him. Hahaha! I TOTALLY could have used that analogy when I was learning ionic bonding. I was a horrible chemistry student, so that would have been so helpful. I wish there was a way to relate baseball to law. I’ll have to work on that. There has been a development with my project! It sounds like a platoon situation with my Brian and Dewayne Wise is more than likely what’s happening. YAY!

  12. Elizabeth D.

    Christos: I’m definitely excited to have the both of them up. I hope that they will see Red Sox action throughout the season.
    Jen: Well, you are going into sports law right? I’m sure there will be ways! And projects… no words to describe them! 🙂
    Emily: It calms the soul.

  13. Kaybee

    DUDE, I totatlly knew what you were talking about in your chemistry explanations there! Wow, I must be actually learning something through this! That is so cool that you were able to relate to baseball, and I hope you get that mess cleaned up. Baseball really is an escape from whatever’s going on in life.

  14. greg1969

    Elizabeth, thanks for “stuttering” on our blog–computer problems? (Join the club!) 😉 Hey, it ups our Brownie Points “entries”! 😉
    Baseball talks about “chemistry” (ahem!) all the time! Hmmm…Is that a good thing??! Oh well, as Scott and Jane will tell you, the Yankees had “chemistry” back in the 70s– it simply was the “explosive” kind! (Mishap?!) I like ours better!
    Keep blogging, Elizabeth! –you are doing a great job!

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