At a Loss for Words

Last time I posted, I was at a loss for word to describe my feelings about Opening Day. Today, I am at a loss for words to try and describe the feelings I am experiencing right now. A feeling almost opposite to what I was feeling only a few days ago. 

I was literally watching a live look in of Nick Adenhart’s six inning shutout of the Oakland A’s when people started tweeting about his death. I tried to convince myself that it was a horrible rumor in some tabloid in LA, but the people I follow on Twitter wouldn’t make something like this up. 

I was in shock, I didn’t want to believe that something like this could happen. He was only 22 years old, and the number one prospect in the Angels organization. He had just walked off the mound after probably the best start of his career just a few hours before, and now his bright future is only ‘what could have been’ rather than ‘what is’. His life was just beginning, and it was unjustly taken away by a despicable drunk driver. 
It is times like this that us baseball fans have to rally together, and support the Angels organization. We need to put aside the rivalries, our affiliations with teams, and just mourn this “fallen angel” as some have appropriately deemed it. Angels fans or not, it is times like these that we realize that we are all baseball fans, and that this tragedy affects the sport as a whole. 
It is times like this that we realize that the people that we idolize are just like us. Unfortunately, they are not the super human beings that we see them as. They are mortal, and are susceptible to tragedies. Watching the press conference was heartbreaking as a baseball fan. To see Scott Boras, the toughest man in baseball, a man who I thought was virtually inhumane, cry as he tried to convey what Nick’s parents had to say was just earth shattering. 
It is never right for a parent to bury their own child because along with it they have to bury their own hopes and dreams for their child, as well as the child’s hopes and dreams, and NIck’s dreams were just coming together. Nick had Tommy John surgery in high school. For most pitchers that is detrimental to their career, but it seems to me that Nick worked endlessly to reach the mound that he was standing on Wednesday night. And although he was killed, I am glad that he lived his dream. 
Even though I did not know much about Nick at all, his death deeply saddens me. I think that tragedies really makes people put things into perspective. Everything can be taken away so quickly, and so it is imperative that we live up to our potential everyday, the way that Nick did. 
And in the midst of this tragedy, it is important for the Angels organization to get back on its feet. I may be a Red Sox fan, but I hope that the Angels win tonight for Nick. I think that anyone who is a fan of baseball should root for the Angels tonight. Does that make me a bad baseball fan because I want the Angels to win for Nick? 
As Jen put it, baseball may have lost an Angel, but heaven gained a great one. 


  1. peaceluvnbaseball

    Elizabeth, great entry! I agree with everything you’ve said. It’s times like these that baseball fans need to come together and be there for each other. I find it awesome that you hope the Angels win tonight, even though they’re playing your Red Sox. That shows a lot about the kind of person you are! I’ll be rooting for the Angels tonight too! They have another sort of angel watching over them tonight 🙂

  2. neumann12

    You make some really great points here. Idols, whether they be athletes, movie stars, or rock stars, do seem immortal at times.

    Living in Virginia, I’ll never forget the devastation and shock of Redskins fans after the Sean Taylor tragedy. Here is the hardest hitting safety in the game and a living hero to youth football players who is no longer invincible. I still don’t think they’ve recovered from that. I’m sure the sentiment was similar in SoFla.


  3. juliasrants

    Elizabeth – This Red Sox fan will also find herself pulling for the Angels tonight. As a parent – I can not even imagine the horror of having to bury a child and now three more families have to leave to live with that. God Bless then all.


  4. flairforthedramatic

    Really unbelievably sad thing to happen to a young kid w/ plenty potential. Horrible how it happened. It must not feel right rooting for your team against the Angels today does it? I’m watching the game and you can sense the uneasiness and pain through the tv screen.
    – V [ ]

  5. mlbtribefan

    Angels are among us at all time. Nick’s life must be lived out in all of us who love baseball. We must strive to put our talents and abilities into what we are called to do, without fear of what lies ahead. Nick’s life should remind us of this. Unfortunately, we lost a great talent to watch and enjoy due to someone’s choice to harm themselves and kill Nick. Its unfair, hard to forgive and never will be forgotten. May Jesus Christ who suffered and died and rose again be with those who mourn at this time, especially Nick’s family and friends. May they be comforted and strengthened in the tough road that lies ahead. May resurrection and good come out of this evil and senseless tragedy.


  6. bravecraze

    Greatly put. What a tragedy, i will be secretly pulling for the angels this season. It was not only a sad day for the Adenhart family, but also for the Angels organization, and the MLB community.

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