Beginning of the Season Blues

As fans, I think that we tend to expect the best from our teams, especially at the beginning of the season–it’s only natural. There have been so many predictions that I think they eventually go to our heads, and we get ahead of ourselves because we focus on the end result rather than each and every game. 

This doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with starting out at 2-5 at all, the Red Sox worst start to the season since 1996. In fact, I barely shut up about it today. I guess that’s just a mix of me being tired from staying up late to watch all the West Coast games, and trying to figure out why we can’t score runs. 
Speaking of West Coast games, it seems like the Red Sox are getting a nice early dosage of those. That doesn’t really help me get my sleeping pattern back in order after Spring Break, but the games are obviously more important to me. 
The Almost-Brawl 
It did not take long for this game to get exciting. In fact, it started in the bottom of the first. Chone Figgins has just hit a double (I think) and Bobby Abreu was at-bat. I really dislike Bobby Abreu, but not for the reason you think. In 2004, I wanted Juan Pierre to go to the All-Star game, and it was between him and Abreu (who was on the Phillies at this time). I spent an hour voting for Pierre over and over again, but Abreu was the one who went. I never forgave him, and going to the Yankees didn’t really help his case. 
Anyway, Beckett was taking forever to make the pitch because he kept looking back at Figgins. I was expecting Abreu to call time any second now, and I bet Beckett was waiting for Abreu to call time too– maybe even provoking him with the long wait. 
But Abreu decided to wait until the last possible second to make the call, and by last possible second I mean that Beckett was already in his windup. I hate it when batters do that. Beckett ended up throwing in the vicinity of Bobby Abreu’s head, even though Varitek called for the pitch low and away. 
First of all, I think that Abreu has been in the league long enough to know that Beckett isn’t the calmest guy in the world. He’s got a temper. It’s just not wise to call time on a guy like Beckett. 
Second, anything can happen when you call time in the middle of someone’s windup. It’s not like he can stop in the middle of his windup, I cannot have this man injured for the sake of my own personal health. When a pitcher’s concentration is broken, the ball can go anywhere. 
Abreu started mouthing off at Beckett first, and you don’t want to get Beckett angry by any means. Luckily, no punches were thrown but both sides were out on the field. A few Angels got tossed including Torii Hunter, Spier, and Sciosia. And according to Torii Hunter, what upset him wasn’t something said by the Red Sox. 
Beckett was not as dominating as his first start, but I wasn’t too disappointed with the outing itself. The Sox continued to frustrate me when they could not do anything about the runners that they had on base. I wasn’t able to see the last couple of innings though, I had to go out to dinner. But luckily, my dad found Gameday on his phone, so I was able to read that JD Drew struck out looking to end the ninth. Apparently, it was outside… but I did not watch so I can’t go on a rant. 
Late West Coast Games
Baseball games aren’t really convenient when they start at 10:05 pm. I’ve figured out my whole ‘how-to-stay-awake’ routine. Two cups of coffee and keeping the light on normally works. Plus, tweeting away my woes helps out too. 
I think I’ve figured out that Jon Lester really isn’t an April guy. I remember not being very impressed with him at the beginning of last year, but then in May… well, you know the rest. It’s not like Jon Lester isn’t talented… it’s just one bad inning that kind of takes away from the rest of the night. 
The worst was Nomar’s home run. The best way to describe my feelings towards Nomar is “emotional attachment”. It’s hard to let it all go, especially after everything he did with the Red Sox. His first career home run in September of 1996 happened to be against the Oakland A’s. And now, his first time playing against the Red Sox he hits a home run as a member of the A’s. 
And as Ian Browne pointed out in his blog, it was a bit eerie seeing him and Orlando Cabrera playing on the same side of the field. For those of you who don’t know the story, Orlando Cabrera was the shortstop that replaced took over for Nomar. And the Red Sox have never had a solid shortstop since. 

The Morning After
I probably came to school today with the most desolate look that I have had since the Red Sox lost the ALCS. Kathleen, the only Red Sox fan friend I have at my school, and I raved and raved about being 2-5. We wrote a haiku, and created our own lineups during classes. 
First period math today, I was forced to talk about the poor start to the season. I reported the scores to my teacher, and told him about Nick Swisher pitching (which I find hilarious, by the way). 
“How did the Red Sox do?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
Another person in the class offers to look it up on his phone, but it’s not like I need him reciting the grim box score out loud. 
My teacher claims he is going to look it up anyway: “Fine. It was 8-2” I conceded
“Oh, I see why you didn’t want to talk about it. Nomar hit the home–” 
I sighed… Nomar, Nomar, Nomar. I am sorry. 
I found out after school today that Beckett got suspended for six games, for throwing at Abreu’s head. I don’t remember Joba Chamberlain getting suspended for six games after throwing at Kevin Youkilis’ head. In fact, I don’t even remember Youkilis charging the mound. And I don’t remember Terry Francona being difficult and refusing to go back to the dugout the way that Mike Sciosia did. 
Two cups of coffee again for me tonight, but hopefully I’ll be able to report happier news to my first period class tomorrow. 


  1. juliasrants

    But Elizabeth – how can that be?? The Red Sox are so mean!!! Yeah – my thoughts too! The umps lost control of the game and 6 games when he didn’t even get ejected? Deep cleansing breathes – that has been my mantra today!


  2. Lissi

    My math teacher’s an Indians fan (weird, I know, we’re in South Carolina) and the other day he says to me, “The Tribe’s not doing so good are they?” All I could do was roll my eyes. If they don’t figure it out soon, I may just be the most depressed person ever.
    I don’t think Beckett should have been suspended. I feel like he couldn’t have thrown it on purpose. They are just saving the ump because he screwed up the ejections and things during the game.

  3. ryan_lee

    Elizabeth, I thought the suspension kind of stemmed more from the fact that Beckett decided to come off the mound and start yapping back to Abreu- which caused the benches to clear…and you know the rest. But that’s just my .02 🙂

  4. blowfish23

    Abreu was clearly talking to the ump NOT to beckett after that ball was thrown at his head. Then Beckett started yelling and walking toward Abreu. That was what emptied the benches. Just because someone has a temper is no reason to respect them. Someone who has a tempter like that should LOSE your respect. After Scioscia (am I the only one who can spell that right) got his team off the field Beckett started mouthing off at him and that cleared the benches again. Reportedly Beckett said something about Adenhart and that’s what got Hunter and Scioscia so upset. It was Beckett’s big mouth that earned him this suspension, not throwing the pitch at Abreu’s head.

  5. mayz

    I’m hardly worried about the Sox getting back on track– a step in the right direction today. I hope the Indians can (indirectly) help you out over the next four days by beating up on the Yankees a bit.


  6. Elizabeth D.

    Julia: Thank you, and yeah, the situation was just handled badly.
    Mark: I just wanted to put a picture of a brawl in lol
    Jane: I can’t remember him being a trouble maker either. Beckett is definitely the more hostile one of the two, but I still love him lol
    Bob: Dice-K DEFINITELY isn’t. And I’m curious as to what Lincecum stats were this time last year.
    Melissa: Both of our math teachers are baseball fans, though mine is a Yankee fan. I hope the Indians turn it around soon!
    Ryan: I would think that too, but the report claims it’s because he threw at his head.
    Blowfish: I sincerely hope Beckett didn’t say anything about Adenhart, it wouldn’t be right. He is a very hot headed guy, but I think both sides are at fault.
    Tom: If it wasn’t for Lowell’s error in the fifth, it would have been a perfect game going into the 8th.
    Jason: I’ll be rooting for them!

  7. Paige Landsem

    Welcome to the wonderful world of coffee! Maybe you’ve been drinking it for a long time, but as a recent convert, I can’t stop singing its praises.
    As for you tweeting away your woes, those were great tweets. It was fun to see all of your observations about the game come up; can’t wait to watch you on the MLB Network.
    P.S.- Thanks again for the bibliography!

  8. iliveforthis

    I couldn’t even believe that Beckett got suspended! I was shocked beyond belief. Anyone who knows anything about pitching knows that you can’t stop in the middle of a windup because it could seriously injure your pitcher. Glad he appealed it, his suspension is something that absolutely needs to get overturned.

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Elizabeth …

    If the Yankees would have re-signed Bobby Abreu, like I had hoped since the end of the 2008 season, that incident with Beckett would not have happened … Especially, now that Nady is injured and will probably be out for the whole year, the Yankees could really use Abreu in the middle of their lineup !!! … Anyway, not a great Opening Day at the new Stadium for the Yankees … They are losing 10-2 with one out in the 9th as I am writing these comments … The bullpen blew a great pitching effort by CC Sabathia who left the game with the score tied 1-1 in the 6th inning !!! … Many games yet to play !!!
    “Congratulations” on your #7 ranking on the latest “Leader’s List” !!!
    The game is over: Indians 10, Yankees 2 … Not good news for Yankee fans; Red Sox Nation is happy, though !!!
    Take care, Elizabeth !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

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