Flares (Flair?) for the Dramatic

Borat; thumbs up.jpg

The minute that my exam finished, I was so happy. The main reason being that I could finally get back to watching baseball. The fact that the Red Sox won the night before my exam, and the night of, really helps seal the deal for me. I mean, besides the fact that I forgot to mention the cotton gin in my DBQ (about the expansion of slavery), I think I did fine. 

Plus, the Sox finally won a series against the Rays. That took long enough. In a way, I miss the days where we could walk all over them, but in another sense, I do like the rivalry… a lot. Jason Varitek has been getting some nice, key hits, and it’s not like I need to mention Mr. Clutch-hitter (Jason Bay). You know, I’m sure he did this in Pittsburgh all the time, but with the whole media attention thing, I guess it went unnoticed. 
I’m still calling a home run every time Big Papi comes to bat, but each game he goes without one just represents how special the first one will be. I know he wants it, and I know it’s on his mind all the time, so I think he needs a sports psychologist. Calling Emily… 
Javier Lopez.jpg
The Red Sox also did what they finally needed to do–letting Javier Lopez go. That guy has given me heart attacks ever since he came to the Red Sox, and this year it has gotten even worse. Every time he came in this year, it was basically saying, ‘We concede to you,’. Whether it be the various errors that result in walk-off wins, or maybe just blowing leads, it was time to go. 
This is the best thing the Red Sox have done since reacquiring Kason Gabbard (yeah, they do good things often). The bullpen is basically impeccable now. I am confident with everyone in there, even though Papelbon has been having a bit of a “flair for the dramatic” lately. Okay, I just lied… I’m not AS comfortable with Hunter Jones (maybe because I didn’t see him much during spring training), but he’s done alright. 
I was happy that the Sox brought up Daniel Bard. You guys should have seen him in spring training. He has a 100 mph fastball and posted a 0.00 ERA during spring training, and his stats aren’t half bad down in Triple AAA Pawtucket either. Speaking of which, I’m planning on visiting the PawSox this summer. I cannot wait. 
I didn’t even drink coffee to keep myself up for the West Coast game last night. I had taken a two hour nap (and thus, avoided homework) and was pretty much ready to go. Justin Masterson was all over the place, but his quote was so funny “A ball here, a ball there, a strike every once and a while”. So his control was a bit off, but he did manage to only give up two runs. 
I really thought that I was in for it when the Red Sox tied it at 3. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too late of a night, because I was still pretty tired. Luckily, Jason Varitek came through with a single, and Pap was to come in to close the ninth. 
This one was not as dramatic as the Mother’s Day save where he put two men on (who then advanced to second and third) and then struck the next three guys out. It was pretty epic. This one ended in a less dramatic fashion, but with the same results. 
Dom Dimaggio.jpg
And a special shout out to Dom Dimaggio who passed away not so long ago. He was probably one of the most underrated players ever, but when your brother is Joe Dimaggio and your teammate is Ted Williams, what can you expect? I love the fact that he was called the “little professor” on the team. Dustin Pedroia kind of reminds me of him (or his build at least). Dom also holds the longest hitting streak in Red Sox history at 34 games. 
The Other 29 Teams that I keep up with 
Ryan Zimmerman.jpg
Ryan Zimmerman and his hitting streak, that’s gotta be great for the miserable Nats (no offense). But in all honesty, I don’t think he’ll catch Dimaggio. That record is going to last a long time. 
The ERAs under one? Zack Grienke and Johan Santana? I have basically awarded the Cy Young to the two of them already. And by the way, I’m not concerned with the lackluster performances that some of the Red Sox starters have been having because honestly, it’s pretty much been limited to one inning. 
If I remember correctly, Jon Lester started out (2-3) last season as well. And then he turned into “one of the best left handed pitchers in the game). 
And I would be remiss if I did not mention Albert Pujols. I think that he has the potential to win the Triple Crown. But how cool would it be if a Red Sox won it? Not because they’re my favorite team, but because the last person to win it was a Red Sox, in 1967…. Mr. Carl Yastrzemski. By the way, I think Yastrzemski should be a spelling bee word, it’s impossible to spell. 


  1. popejonash

    Welcome back 🙂 I think you’re right about pretty much everything! Johan, Greinke, Zimmerman, Pujols. All off to crazy starts. For me, Pujols and Johan are your 2 big stars of the league this year. Another frustrating Mets loss today, but I’m staying positive. We played some good stuff, just lacked that final push. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  2. Jane Heller

    You must be so happy to be done with finals and able to watch baseball, Elizabeth. Naps are a good idea before the West Coast games. For me, those games are perfect because they start at 7 p.m. out here, but I remember my East Coast days when I’d be fighting to stay awake until the bitter end.


  3. crzblue2

    Welcome back. I still remember the feeling once I took my last exam. Free time to do all the things we misss because of school. I hope big Pai’s first homerun will be a special one. My James Loney hit hist first one last night for a 3 run HR!

  4. booch22

    I just had to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You have quite a talent for writing and you sure know your baseball! I’m proud of you girl!
    I’m avid Yankee fan, but love to see passion from other fans of baseball.
    You keep reaching for your dreams! Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. You will be an awesome analyst one day, and who knows, maybe you’ll be sitting beside me on MLB Network! I love that channel, too!
    Keep writing and keep lovin on your team-us die hards don’t let anyone deter us from lovin our teams!

  5. flairforthedramatic

    Awh, you named your post after my blog and linked me! [gracias], lolz..
    Oh jeez.. I feel for you.. those DBQ’s were hellish little ********..
    Them Rays turning out to be some little devils too eh? Lol..
    I’m glad soon school will be over and I also will have much more time.
    p.s. I hate hate hate hate J-Bay.. just sayin’ =)
    p.p.s. Hosting an in-gamer tonight.. know your guys have a day off.. feel free to stop by and root for the Orioles, lol 😉
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  6. neumann12

    I miss that phenomenal feeling of finishing AP tests. I don’t miss the preparation leading up to them. 🙂

    I miss the sight of a David Ortiz blast and don’t care for the talk about his possible ster**d use, but understand it’s the nature we live in.

  7. jdom

    Big Papi finally got one im new to being a sox fan J Bay pulled me over and now im hooked Lets Go SOX

  8. greg1969

    Congrats on your #.5 ranking! Good to see you’re surviving school. I for one am SO GLAD we DFAed Lopez. Any other team that wants him can have him!
    Hope to see you on Brownie Points! I’ll continue to check in from time to time. Take care, Elizabeth!

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