Resurrecting Papi and Lester

As some of you may have noticed, I have been absent from the blogosphere as of late. Once again you can blame this on exams– yes, more exams. After my AP exam, two weeks later, I had final exams in all of my other classes. My absence from the blogosphere wasn’t really by choice, just like David Ortiz’s absence from his normal torrential bat is not by choice, or perhaps the same way that Jon Lester’s continual one-bad-inning frustrations aren’t by choice. 

While most of the offense has been doing quite well, David Ortiz’s struggles continue to worsen. And while the pitching staff seems to get by, it seems as though there are a lot of rough outings that the bullpen cleans up, and that are salvaged by a lot of run support. 
To start out on some positive notes, Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia have been on fire. I know that Jacoby’s hitting streak ended a day ago, but he was really embodying the prototypical leadoff man. It is really important that our leadoff guys get on base because I feel like the rest of the lineup hits a lot of singles and doubles, (although, there have been a fair share of home runs this year) and when the leadoff man gets on, all those singles and doubles produce runs. 
It is absolutely wonderful to have Kevin Youkilis back after his side was hurting. My project, Jeff Bailey, did a fine job filling in for him though, which is simply to be expected out of my projects. Over the past few games, I have noticed that Youk has been prone to striking out a bit more. It’s probably just a matter of getting back into the mode of differentiating balls from strikes because I think that is generally one of his greatest strengths. 
Jason Bay has been an absolute offensive monster. He has not only impressed Red Sox fans, but he has also impressed baseball fans. As most of you know, he currently leads the All-Star outfielder candidates in votes. I think if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Ironically enough though, Manny is fourth in the voting. I haven’t read the full article yet, but apparently Joe Torre thinks that Manny should sit out considering the recent events. 
Manny Ramirez 4.jpg
For those of you that have read this blog, I’m sure that you know that I am completely opposed to all illegal substances in baseball, and that it would royally piss me off if Manny was even on the bench. But what really grinds my gears is that people are voting for him. 
I don’t know why people find him attractive anymore. I know there was “Manny Wood” (which was really lamely re-named Juan Pierre Wood) but I would be really hesitant to adore a player who could be cheating. Plus, as Mr. Torre said, he will not have played much the first half of the season so he doesn’t really deserve to go to the All-Star Game. 
Moving along now since I don’t really want to dwell on the past because if I’ve learned anything from my English class this year it’s that “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. For the most part, I think that’s true, but if it was completely true, than Big Papi would be belting home runs left and right. 
Thumbnail image for Big Papi mine.JPG
We all were under the false assumption that the home run was the remedy to his miserable start. Apparently it wasn’t. I wish I could have a conversation with Dave Magadan to find out what is wrong. Ortiz continually gets behind in the count, and is always way in front or way behind pitches. It’s hard for me to believe everyone’s claims that it’s his age because he’s only 33, (though, can we really trust that?) so why is this all of a sudden “the beginning of the end”? 
I didn’t want to think that his struggle season last year was insidious, I thought that he could bounce back, and I still think that he can. And as my fantastical mind tends to wander, I had a conversation with him:
“Hey Papi, how’s it going?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer. 
“Not too good, Elizabeth” Papi replied dejectedly. I could just see the expressions on his face every time he struck out… the frustrated remarks, the “just write down Papi stinks” expression, and breaking bats in the dugout. 
“You know, I can’t say that I know how you’re feeling, because I don’t. But I can say that I think you’re going to come around. I know that you can do it. Don’t let the potentially waning faith that Red Sox Nation has in you get to you. Prove them all wrong.”
“Thank you, Elizabeth. I’m trying, I just don’t know what it is…”
“Yeah, I don’t think that anybody does. Just bring it back to ‘it ain’t over until Big Papi swings.”
As I had suggested earlier, Papi was dropped in the lineup. Still though, it’s weird not seeing him in the third spot– and I can’t even imagine what that must feel like for him. But the Red Sox are all about teamwork, and that’s what you have to do: what’s best for the team. 
Jon Lester 2.jpg
After my conversation with Big Papi, I decided to give Jon Lester a call, considering his recent frustrations. 
“Hey Jon, how are you doing?” I asked. 
“I don’t even know,” He replied. Just looking at the box score and seeing that Lester gave up five runs might make one quick to judge. The reality though, is that Jon actually pitches quite well, but one bad inning continually screws him over. 
“Jon, we know you’re a good pitcher. You’ve got some serious Cy Young potential– but don’t let that all go to your head. You have to focus on executing each pitch… not thinking about what you’re supposed to be”. 
“Yeah, you’re right. That happened to me last year,” He said. It happened to him in the playoffs when everyone started chalking up wins for him. 
“Don’t worry at all. You’ve got so much talent and potential that you’ll make up for it later. Go out and show us what you can do.”
I would really like it if these concise pep talks could be subliminally messaged to Ortiz and Lester because in my opinion, their struggle
s are the most evident. 
Well now that it’s summer, I should have a lot more time to blog. In fact, I’ll have some very cool stories coming up because I’m leaving for Boston next Friday! I’m already planning on meeting up with Julia, and I would love to hang out with anyone else around the area to talk some awesome baseball. 
I’ll be going to a few baseball games, and I will be posting my usual pictures and stories, but if you would like to see all of my pictures. Just e-mail me (link is in the sidebar). 


  1. ohy22xd

    Welcome back! Everyone, including me, missed you. I think you did a fantastic job on your exams. Screw Manny. He does not deserve to be in fourth place and I totally agree with Joe Torre. Love the conversations. I tend to have one with David Eckstein and Jake Peavy as well! Have a great time with Julia in Boston 🙂

  2. Jane Heller

    I’ve missed your posts too, Elizabeth, but I’m so glad you’ll be going to Boston, hanging out with Julia and seeing your Red Sox. Maybe you’ll be able to corner Ortiz and have a face-to-face with him about his hitting. I bet he’ll fall right under your spell and do whatever you tell him!

  3. juliasrants

    Elizabeth – I can’t wait for you to come to Boston! Okay – I might not be able to take you to Cheers like Scott 😉 but there will be plenty to do! Well Big Papi got a double today and Lester is looking great!!! I think your talks worked! And Manny – well you know what I said on my blog – the man does not deserve it!


  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’d say that Lester is the most likely to ressurrect. He just looked nasty today against the Jays. I bet the guy still wins 15 games.

    Ortiz hasn’t been ‘locked in’ all season. He has to himself out of the quicksand right now. He is swinging at “Pitchers pitches” a lot right now.

    Ya, that grinds my gears too! I wish players could make the All-Star team on merit, and not popularity. More often it is the latter. Manny had a good start to the season, but with the suspension, there will be many players more deserving. It is a shame/sham.

  5. Paige Landsem

    Welcome back! I am slowly making my return to the blogs as well, but I’m sure another absence will be in order soon, with finals coming up next week.
    But anyway, I couldn’t agree more as far as Manny is concerned. The All-Star game is a popularity contest now, so all we can hope for is enough of us to vote for the clean and honest players.

    P.S.: The quote from your English class…I love that book. Good choice!


  6. Dillon M

    Nice blog. If you vote for Manny, you’re being extremely stupid. I mean, he is a good player. If he was using steroids, then he doesn’t deserve to be playing. But if he’s not playing right now, he doesn’t deserve to be voted for the all star game.

  7. iliveforthis

    It’s pretty unfortunate that people are voting for Manny. It kind of says that a baseball fan doesn’t care about steroids, which, as we know, isn’t true. Either way, it’s a lose/lose for fans and a win/win for Manny. If he gets in, he’ll play and if he gets in and chooses not to play everyone who voted will be like, “oh yes, Manny he’s so great, he took the high road in this ordeal.” BS. Anyway, I think it’s about time I had a talk with Big Papi and Lester too, Ortiz is a little more of a concern to me. I don’t like this difficulty-swinging-the-bat route that he’s decided to take…

  8. greg1969

    Hey, Elizabeth! Cool to hear that you and Julia will meet up! I hope to catch your photos and summary of the trip! I’ve said it before: Papi is reminding me too much of when we got him from Minnesota! He got his mechanics straightened out at that time. This time, I’m not sure that will solve the problem! GO SOX!

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