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What Does Joe Biden put on his pasta?

It’s finally here, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for (for the past four years)! Ever since the primaries started, I’ve been excited. I myself am a moderate-liberal, but I do like Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. John McCain is a great guy though, I just don’t like Sarah Palin very much. If McCain-Palin ends up getting elected, we’ll have some great SNL skits to come in the next four years; plus, perhaps some more prank calls from French-Canadian radio stations! 

So I got home from school today, and I was really excited to turn on the news to see how the election was going. I turn on Fox News at 4 (channel 7 or whatever) and some guy is talking about the weather, so I look for CNBC or MSNBC but I can’t find it, I think it just disappeared. But, I did find the Colbert Report, which is much more reliable than any of the other stations, in my opinion at least. Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart are probably the smartest guys on television. Political satire shows are my favorite.
So, the only big baseball news of the day that I have acquired is that Theo Epstein’s contract has been extended. I trust Theo with everything he does, I’d put my life in his hands. I just really hopes that he decided to keep Jason Varitek, and Jacoby Ellsbury. One more thing, I want Pedroia to be MVP, I think that he really deserves it. How cool would it be if he got rookie of the year and then the MVP in back to back seasons. He’s insane. I think the top 3 cadidates are Pedroia, Mauer (or maybe it’s Hamilton? I’m not sure) and Youkilis. If one of them wins, then they definitely deserve it. 
So, the answer to the question (or joke rather)… What does Joe Biden put on his pasta? COMMUNIST MANIPESTO! See? Not only is Steven Colbert smart, he’s clever too!