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Spring Training…Arbitration…Winter Meetings…Exams

Spring Training tickets went on sale yesterday, of course, I was at an AP US History review when they first went on sale, and I wasn’t home all day yesterday. My father printed out the schedule, but he has not purchased tickets yet… the Yankees game is already sold out! There are other games that I’m interested in, well… any game I’m interested in. Specifically weekend games though, so I can go up to Fort Myers for the entire weekend and just finally watch some baseball! Plus, it’s now part of my new “job” to cover Red Sox games. I’m now the Red Sox Correspondent for this site called MLB Center, which I found through Hardball’s blog (thanks Ben!). It’ll be very interesting to see which players we end up seeing at Spring Training, but I won’t get into that… again. 

So honestly, I have absolutely nothing to write about. There is nothing going on right now… I’m just anticipating the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, I hope those start up something big, maybe bring some excitement this upcoming week. Hopefully not more stress… my midterms are in a week, and I’m getting more anxious with each day. I have five midterms 😦
-Geometry: So, I’m pretty good at proofs, the problem is memorizing the theorems, postulates, corollarys, etc. that I use to prove them.
-APUSH: If you saw my review sheet for the class, you’d probably cry as well. There’s so much I need to know, I don’t know how I’m going to do it all. I have fourteen essay questions that I need to outline, and five short answer question examples to look over. This one is going to end up killing me.
-Chemistry: Surprisingly, this class is my best subject. I walked into that class 99% sure that I would fail. I haven’t done too well lately with dimensional analysis or moles, but I’ve fixed my mistakes. I just need to read the textbook more I guess… and learn my labels. I hope the midterm isn’t too bad.
-French: I barely understand that class… I got screwed over last year. My french teacher thought us French in English… if that’s even possible. I’m pretty good at grammar, and I suppose I can memorize the vocabulary… but when it comes to comprehension… ugh.
-English: My English teacher is absolutely insane. We have to memorize hundreds of vocabulary words, which is the only bad part. We had to read three books, and three short stories. The books were: The Crucible, Huckleberry Finn, and The Scarlet Letter. The three short stories were: The Cask of Amontillado, Young Goodman Brown, and Bartleby the Scrivener. I loved The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter, I read Huck Finn on sparknotes because I really disliked it, and Bartleby on sparknotes. I plan on sparknoting everything for review. 
*Players who were offered arbitration must accept or decline by midnight tonight… maybe that’ll bring some interesting stories to the Hot Stove
**Winter Meetings Start Tomorrow… that will definitely bring some interesting stories. 
Here’s what I have to look forward to in the months before Spring Training
-seeing my friends from over the summer during winter break
-Jane’s book in February!
-HOPEFULLY getting Spring Training tickets within the next week. 
I’m hoping to come up with something interesting about baseball to write about tomorrow… I’ll come up with something tonight.